Sunday, April 5, 2020

Finding myself (And those like me)

Please bear with me, as this might be a bit long with few photos to spice things up a bit. But, it might be worth sticking it out.

I've known from a very early age that my parents weren't really my parents. They were always open about the fact that I had been adopted but, dare I say if I'd never been told, I might not have ever known. I may not have been of their blood but, they never treated me as anything less than their own son. Still, there's was always this curiosity about who I was, and where I came from.

As small as the Eastern Shore of Virginia was back in 1981, it seemed that no one knew anything about my birth or biological parents. I ended up being a bit of a celebrity when I was a few days old, when they published a story about my being discovered on the doorstep of a local home. It was like I just popped out of the aether, and landed on some random stoop. 

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Jango all the way!

Today, I'm going to talk about a nearly 20 year old action figure from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

Jango Fett was introduced in Attack of the Clones, having been tasked with the assassination of Queen Amidala, as well as being the template for the secret clone army being built by the Republic.  Oh, and he's also the "father" of Boba Fett, the original trilogy's most effective and popular bounty hunter. It sounds like Jango is quite the multi-tasker. Unlike his son, Jango actually saw enough screen time to do some bad ass stuff, including holding his own against Obi-Wan Kenobi in a rather amazing duel. He'd eventually lose his head to another Jedi before the end of the flick, but he still looked good doing it. At least he wasn't accidentally knocked off a sail barge into the toothy maw of a giant living stomach by a half-blind, scruffy looking smuggler.

And, like any other character in a Star Wars movie that was onscreen for more than a few seconds, Jango Fett has had a couple dozen action figures made of him. I think they could have stopped with this one, because it's easily my favorite and, dare I say, the best Star Wars action figure ever made.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Fun Food Friday: Found on the road edition

My wife and I have been talking about stopping at all the roadside markets and convenience stores that dot Route 13 for a few months now, and this past Saturday we finally decided to go through with it. Well, the northern half at least. We made the drive up to the Maryland/Virginia state line, pulled a U-turn, and got to adventuring. All told, we stopped at over a dozen tourist traps and gas stations, trying to make sure we picked up at least one item from each store. We found some interesting items, but in the end, there were just three items I found that I just knew I had to write about...

Thursday, February 14, 2019

"Hi, you're Super!"

I was in the 3rd grade before I had my first real crush. I won't say her name, because the last thing she wants is to find her name associated with some post on a weirdo's blog about a crush he had almost 30 years ago. So, we'll just call her CMT, no relation to the Country Music Station.

I'm not sure what it was about CMT that had such an effect on me. Maybe it was her raspy voice, or maybe it was that long curly hair of hers. Regardless of the reason, I fell, and fell hard. And I made sure she was aware of my feelings the only way 8-9 year old me knew how; by saying nothing, and staring longingly at her from a distance. It might surprise you, but back then  I wasn't the confident, sexual Tyrannosaurus that I am today. I was a shy, awkward mess around other boys, let alone the opposite sex. Around my crush, I was a two legged disaster, capable of making a fool of myself at any moment.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Super 7 Mystery Box

They say it helps to know people. Well, I say it helps to know people that know people. Way back in October of '18, I met an acquaintance of Chelsea's at our bi-annual Halloween party. We got to talking, and it turned out their sibling worked for Super 7. If you're not familiar with Super7, they're the ones putting out the Reaction line of retro styled figures, as well as taking over the Masters of the Universe Classics line. So, they're doing some pretty cool stuff. Anyhow, when I found this out, I started gushing about how much I loved the company, and what they did. I guess there was a whole other conversation going on during this time, and I was told, "make a list, and send it to me". I figured it was a half serious offer, but then again, what if it wasn't? I went through the site, made up a wish list, and emailed it.

Imagine my surprise when my wife brought home this box a couple of weeks later.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

2018 Christmas Aftermath

It's probably a bit late to be posting about Christmas, but these are busy times, and we can't always post when we'd like. This year was pretty laid back for the wife and I. We can't really travel much during the holidays, so it tends to just be us for Christmas Day. Of course, the past couple years I've had to work, so there's a bit of a delay before we get a chance to dive under the tree. Just like there's going to be a little delay before you get to see the good stuff.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Stunt Zombie's Fingerhut Christmas Wish List!

Hey! Do you realize we're less than a week away from Thanksgiving? Crazy, right? It feels like it was just last week that we were worried about getting our Halloween costumes put together, and now we're trying to figure out what sides to serve with the turkey. Then, as quickly as the holidays are going, we've got maybe two or three more days until Christmas.

If you're anything like me, you've been working on a most important document, one that will set the tone for the rest of this year and the next. Ladies and gents, I'm talking about the Christmas wish list.

Every year, right around the end of October, my folks would start pressing me about what I wanted Santa to leave me under the tree. Living in the pre-internet age meant I would have to rely on TV ads,  newspaper flyers, toy inserts, and the big daddy of them all, the Sears Wish Book. Pages would be bookmarked, corners dog-eared, catalog numbers circled. I did whatever it took to make sure there was no confusion over what I wanted. It wasn't enough for me to just list "a bunch of G.I. Joes". I'd actually list each individual figure. If I'd had the means, I probably would have pasted photos next to each thing I wrote down. You didn't want to run the risk of getting something you already had, or even worse, getting a bootleg.

The days of the Wish Book are over, but there are still some companies producing paper catalogs, like Fingerhut.  They're not quite the same as other catalogs or websites since you can't purchase anything outright. You have to get a line of credit through them and pay for your stuff monthly. So, if you don't mind paying about 10% more on top of every other retail outlet, plus another 40% more for interest over 18 months, they might be worth a look. Otherwise, Fingerhut probably isn't the best choice for anyone.

However, today we're going to make believe that Fingerhut works like any other mail-order catalog and I won't be forced to finance a pair of Lee jeans for $7.99 a month. I'm also going to pretend that I don't have internet so all my gifts will be coming from this catalog. So, join me as I try to justify my desire for hundreds of dollars worth of stuff I don't need.

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