Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dark Knight of Halloween Rises

I was in Target today, on a mission to find a bag of Candy Corn M&M's, when I came across something that stopped me in my tracks.

This was one occasion when I saw something, and didn't think twice about buying it. I literally saw it, picked it up, and had no second thoughts about making the purchase. I'm not sure why Halloween Batman had such a profound effect on me. Maybe it was his color scheme, or the pumpkin shaped bubble holding him on the card. Perhaps it was that orange insert holding the figure in place that caught my eye, or all those pumpkins along the bottom adorned with the Bat Signal.  Whatever the reasons, Batman ended up coming home with me.
Holy crap! That's a cloth cape!
I'm sure this one is probably a repaint of one of the other figures in the Dark Knight Rises line. The paint apps are pretty simple, and I'm pretty sure the figure is molded all in black, but there's something about the orange highlights that just work with the character. I guess it's not all that crazy to imagine Batman feeling a little festive during Halloween. Of course,  Halloween day for us is probably just another Wednesday to someone that dresses up as a bat the rest of the year.

Amazingly, he has a real cloth cape. You can hold him out the car window, and get that cape blowing in the wind on top of a building look. Not that I did that or anything, it's just a suggestion. Also, look at those blades, and those eyes! Between the full face mask, those blades, and the orange hue of his eyes, this Batman looks like he's ready to dole out punishment to any who decide to toilet paper Wayne Manor this year.

As for those Candy Corn M&M's, turns out they are a Wal-Mart exclusive and from what I've read, pretty disgusting as well. Since I'm the type of person who likes to touch the pan after they're told it's hot,  they may still get a taste test if I ever get my hands on a bag.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tastykake goes Halloween!

I'm beginning to think the Eastern Shore hates Halloween. I scoured my local Food Lion, back to front, trying to find any Halloween themed foods or candies. I couldn't find a single box of Count Chocula. Not one Halloween recipe on a brownie mix box. I found a display of store brand Halloween cookies, but what fun are those? I was just about to give up hope when I came across this box:

Hell Yeah! This is what I've been looking for. Who knew that Tastykake would be the ones to give me new hope for the Halloween season. Look at that beautiful box. I have to admit, I didn't even notice the scene behind Ghostly Goodies until I started writing this. And the name, "Ghostly Goodies". They could have gone the easy route, and just call them Coconut Kandy Kakes. Instead, they went all out Halloween on those mo-fo's and called them Ghostly Goodies. I have to admit, I think the ghost looks a bit smug, but who can blame him. If I were the mascot for such an awesome snack, I'd be a little sure of myself too.

On the back of the box, even more excitement. First we have a recipe of sorts for putting together what sounds like a pretty cool ghost costume. It goes beyond the normal, "Cut some eye holes in a bed sheet. Done" type costume, and jazzes it up a bit. By the time you get done following their directions, you'll have some Hollywood level special effects going on. Under the directions, you'll see that Ghostly Goodies aren't the only scary snacks put out by Tastykake. They also make Kreepy Kakes, Witchy Treats, and Jack-O-Lantern Juniors. It looks like I'll have to search out and taste these other Halloween treats as well. Speaking of taste..let's see what makes these things tick. First let's assemble the proper equipment.

Ice cold milk is a must for enjoying anything made by Tastykake. You don't have to drink it out of a skull goblet, but you'll look cooler if you do. Now we need some dissecting tools..

Hmm..decisions, decisions...

This'll do. Now to prep the subject:
Simple enough.


The operation was a success. Let's see what you're made of shall we?

It definitely seems more coconut-y than the picture on the box would lead me to believe. It's pretty much 50/50 cake and coconut, and it is rather delicious. If you were to compare it to a Mounds candy bar mixed with yellow cake, you wouldn't be too far off. It seems a bit richer than some of the other Tastykake snacks I've eaten, probably because of the dark chocolate coating. Admittedly, this is the first Tastykake anything I've had in years, so it may be the blast of sugar rushing to my brain making me say these things. I've pretty much fun out of things to say about them, so go buy a box for yourself. If you don't like Ghostly Goodies, you can send them my way.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cause this is Thriller!

Michael Jackson's Thriller is one of my favorite Halloween songs of all time . I swear I saw the entire video in a theater many, many years ago. It was shown along with the video's making-of documentary. I guess it's possible I'm remembering the VHS version, but I remember seeing it in a dark place, on a big screen, with a lot of people. I also remember it scared the living crap out of me.

It seems odd to me now, but I used to be quite the Michael Jackson fan when I was 4 years old. I remember singing his songs to myself, though I'm pretty sure I probably just kept repeating the choruses over and over again. Pretty much the same thing I do now, actually.

Spooky Lollipop Rings..A Dollar Tree delight

I got a bit jealous of Dinosaur Dracula, because it seems like he has the best luck finding hidden gems among all the crap littering the discount stores. I only seem to find generic bats, or window stick-ons recycled from last year. I've often felt the dollar stores around here were a bit lamer than everywhere else, and it seems I was proven right once again. Here's what I found yesterday.

First up, Spooky Lollipop Rings. Unfortunately, I threw out the wrapper they came in, but it really wasn't anything special. I did find it interesting that they put the phrase "Collect Them All!" on the back of the package. It really doesn't make much sense, since I'm guessing most will buy several packs of these to hand out to Trick or Treaters*. Do kids really go house to house hoping to get a complete set of Spooky Lollipop Rings?  It's pretty easy to do really, since there are only three different shapes. I guess they could just keep going back to same house with the hope of completing their collection,  but it would probably be easier to waste the dollar and buy a 5-pack the next time they hit up the local Dollar Tree. Either way, on to the candy.

This one kind of reminds me of the crystal skull from the last Indiana Jones flick; it's oddly shaped and left a weird taste in my mouth. There was a hint of candy melon flavor, but it was overridden by a sweet chemical flavor. Apparently I wasn't the only one that wasn't too fond of the skulls:

It's not a pretty thing when a zombie has indigestion, trust me.

Next up was the giant eyeball.

They actually put some effort into this one. That green and black stuff in the middle is made from the same stuff as candy buttons, the candy that forced you to swallow small scraps of paper. The eyeball itself was the same flavor as the skulls, but that large glop of candy button pushed it into the realm of inedible. Bob agreed, and felt inclined to try and destroy the candy the only way he knew how:
Eat hot lead, candy spawn of Satan
Finally, we get to the best of the bunch, the brain. Don't take that to mean it's actually good though, there's really nothing good about these things.

The brain actually looks pretty decent. It has a cartoony style hue, there are a suitable number of creases and folds, and it has a shine out of the package that gives the impression it's still covered in brain juices. Out of the package, this one had a strong berry smell. The flavor reminds me of those little pinkish candies that come in wrappers that look like strawberries. This was my favorite of the bunch, mainly because it didn't make my stomach do odd things while I was eating it. What did Bob think of it?

mmmm....sugary brain..
If you happen to come across these when you make your next trip to Dollar Tree, just leave them there. Unless you plan on spending the day after Halloween cleaning eggs and toilet paper off the side of your house, save your money for the good candies.

*I believe Trick or Treaters should be treated as a proper noun, and as such, should always be capitalized.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween pics? Sure, why not.

I'm not feeling so hot today, but I didn't feel right about not posting something. So here are a few pics from the past couple Halloweens.

Here's my beautiful girlfriend and I from our 2010 party. She went as Alice in Wonderland (Oh my!), and I was supposed to be The Mad Hatter. I think I look more like Hipster Joker.

This is Grey, and she was not happy about wearing that tie. As strange as it sounds, I could kind of picture her standing at the fax machine, having a sip of coffee, talking to her coworkers whilst wearing that tie. She's all business. As a cat. On her hind legs. I told you it sounded strange..

Man, it never fails. There's always someone that drinks too much, acts like a fool, and then vomits all over the food. It was pretty tasty though.

Here's my costume from last year, Occupy Zombie. You can't tell from this angle, but the front of my shirt says "Spread the wealth BRAINS" I also carried a sign around all night, but that ended up getting lost at some point. Don't blame me, the punch was some potent stuff.

Ah! So there was more photographic evidence of Occupy Zombie after all. Unfortunately red lighting and red blood don't work so well, but that sign says "Will trade stocks for BRAINS!". I know, not very original, but it got a few laughs that night, so..mission accomplished.

Well there you go, just a short post tonight, but hopefully I'll be able to scrape up some good stuff for all 7 of my readers this weekend.  Speaking of, I encourage anyone who reads this blog to leave me comments, feedback, insults, etc. If I suck, let me know, though I doubt I could suck any less. If you don't say anything, then you will only have yourselves to blame.
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