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Friday, December 5, 2014

Catching creatures with Matchbox!

I never had a preference between Hot Wheels and Matchbox growing up. Once they were out of the package, I never really cared what brand they were. Admittedly though, I used to call all of them "Matchbox" cars. I'm not sure it was brand recognition so much as it was Matchbox had a better ring to it. It amazes me to think I could be so entertained by regular cars and trucks, but I was. I would spend hours in the floor, racing them around, and using the tow trucks to rescue overturned cars. Sometimes my friends and I would sit at opposite ends of the hallway, and flick the cars at each other, hoping to achieve a head-on collision. We weren't always successful, and it wasn't unusual to have to dig out a splinter after letting a hand brush along the wooden floor. I'm not quite sure what the point of it was, since we didn't really want to break the cars. In a testament to their durability, most of the cars emerged from their impacts unscathed. The same can't be said for the baseboard in the hallway.

So, that long and pointless story was a lead-in to a cool series that I saw mentioned on another blog. Sorry, whoever posted it. I can't remember who you are. It's the Matchbox Capture the Creature series, and I would have loved something like this growing up. The basic premise is there are large monsters, and the vehicle is supposed to catch it. It's a simple concept, even if it is out of left field. Going by some of the other things I've seen from Matchbox though, I probably shouldn't be surprised.

The back of the card shows us how to work the capture arm, though I think it's simple enough that you probably don't need the packaging to help you. There's a preview of the other two sets, one including a giant alligator, and the other a T-Rex. I've seen other sets on Amazon that include everything from giant sharks to woolly mammoths. I mainly picked this one because it was a half track with a big freakin' claw on the back.

The monster included in this set is a giant Yeti. Or is it an Abominable Snowman? I can never tell the difference. It's a frightening creature, with a maw full of teeth and an alien-like face. I'm not sure why he's so angry, but maybe it's because there's no snow. Sorry dude, it's just been a warm December..He's the most oddly proportioned Yeti I've seen, and appears to be little more than a head with arms and stumpy legs. Just look at that thing. There's just no room on his torso for anything but his mouth. Maybe he's more alien than I originally thought.

The Side Tracker is a bad ass off roading vehicle. Those tires are at least 7 ft tall, and it doesn't look like there's much that could stop this thing from rolling over it. The winch on the front is at least 4 ft across, which means there's probably enough tow line on there to pull itself halfway across the country. The one thing that concerns me is that capture claw. It's easily as big as the rest of the truck, and probably weighs just as much. It just seems like putting it on the very back of the truck is a bad idea.

There's some molded detail in the back of the truck, with some shackles on top of a diamond plate. I hate to burst their bubbles, but I doubt those shackles are going to work on that Yeti. Speaking of our furry white friend...

I think our boys would be in trouble if they came up against an actual Yeti that size. He's easily towering over the truck, which would make him close to 20 ft tall. That's 20 feet of super strong, pissed off snow ape.

Check another box in the "poor planning" checklist. The arm isn't exactly maneuverable, and as these guys are about to find out, is actually too short to reach the Yeti. If your primary weapon or mode of capture can be defeated by the target backing up a couple of feet, you're about to have a bad day.

What happens when they get their claw on him isn't much better. Since no one thought to add stabilizer arms to the truck body, the weight of the Yeti easily pulls it over. Then it's just a matter of time before the murderous snow beast gets out of the claw, and opens up the big metal can to get at the tasty, screaming treats inside.

Let's pretend for a moment that they were able to get the hook on the Yeti. And they were able to keep from tipping over. And they actually got him in the back of the truck. The sides of the truck only come up to the monster's knees, or where his knees could be. Worse yet, the Yeti's now within arms reach of the truck's cab, which means he's in arms reach of the people inside. Well, shit.

Let this be a lesson to everyone. If you're going out hunting giant, monstrous snow beasts, don't let rednecks design your equipment.
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