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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Part man, part machine, glows in the dark.

I was entirely too young the first time I saw Robocop. My parents didn't seem to mind me watching violence, but as soon as there was some nudity, I had to leave the room or cover my eyes. I could watch someone getting blown apart, but God forbid I catch a glimpse of a nipple. Weird. I still remember the terror I felt the first time I saw ED-209, growling and pumping bullet after bullet into that unfortunate office lackey. Seeing Emil after he ended up in the vat of toxic waste gave me nightmares. No matter what I did, the half melted man always got me..
Don't look in your closet kid. Trust me..

Those are just two of the many random acts of violence that occur over the course of the film's two hours. Remember now, I was only 7 or 8 the first time I saw this movie. It was so violent, that it was actually given an "X" rating by the MPAA. Then two years later, they turned it into a cartoon and a toyline. Ah..the 80's.

I only owned two of the figures from the Robocop and the Ultra Police line, and both of them were Robocop. One of them was the predecessor to the figure I have here today: Night Fighter Robocop.

The original Night Fighter Robocop used a slightly different mold than the standard figure. He had blue metallic highlights, a gatling gun in place of his right arm, and a new mold for his left arm. Originally, the figure was only available through mail-order, but eventually he ended up in stores.

I love that NECA has recreated the style of the old Kenner cardback.  Robocop and the U.P may not have been the coolest toy line out there, but their packaging definitely caught the eye. As you may have noticed, this figure's gimmick is the ability to glow in the dark. This was one of my favorite action features, because it doesn't require any springs, buttons or batteries and it doesn't affect the articulation or sculpting. Glowing toys also made great night lights, if you were into that sort of thing.

According to the back of the card, Robocop's night gear makes him invisible to evil-doers. So, the bad guys can't see the 7 foot tall glowing cyborg marching toward them? Perhaps it's so unbelievable they think their minds are playing tricks on them. Of course, this is based on an 80's toy, and as we all know, there was no such thing as logic when it came to the toys.

His coloration makes it hard to see, but this is one detailed figure. I'm assuming he uses the same mold as NECA's other Robocop figures, because every seam and rivet is where it should be. He has pretty decent articulation, though there were a couple of time I thought I was going to break something off. You have to take it easy with these figures when you first get them out of the box, as they tend to be a bit stiff. Once you get past that point, Robocop is decently articulated. There's some limitation in the range of movement for some of the joints, but then Robo was never the most flexible or spry character. You can still get him in some great poses though.

Night Fighter Robocop also comes with two accessories, one them is his Auto-9 pistol shown here:

He also comes with an extra right hand with an extended data spike. So, you can access the police department computers, or stab a ruthless murderer in the neck. Be careful though, it's quite fragile. I managed to snap mine within a few minutes of taking it out of the package. A quick application of Gorilla Glue, and all was well. Still, I tend to leave it on the shelf, for fear of breaking it off again.

So, you've come all this way, I'm sure you're curious how well he glows. Well..

Glowing figures are notoriously hard to photograph, and Robocop was no exception. He actually doesn't glow as bright as I had hoped, but I'm still working on finding the best light to charge him up. I'm thinking I either need to use different lights, or just let him charge up longer. Either way, I don't think my LED flashlights are the best option.

If I had any nitpicks about the figure, I would have loved to see NECA include a gatling gun arm, and it would have been great if the helmet was removable. As for the data spike, I think they could have made it retractable, so it would be less likely to get broken. Like I said though, these are just tiny little nitpicks, and don't take away from the figure at all.

I want to thank John Gaither over at The Clawful Punch for sending this one to me, along with a ton of other stuff I'll get to eventually. He saw I didn't want to blow an entire gift card on a Robocop figure, and he graciously sent this one over to me. Of course, after seeing how cool this one is, now I'm really tempted to buy the other one I've been looking at as well. Darn it.

Thanks again John!

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