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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stunt Zombie makes some crystal in the kitchen.

The past few years, I kept hearing about this science show, where two guys create crystals in their kitchen and get into all kinds of adventures. I thought it sounded like fun, so I went out and bought my very own crystal growing kit. Let's go do some science!

If the back of the package is any indication, this should be easy, as well as fun. It certainly doesn't sound too difficult. Basically, you just dissolve some powder in water and you're done. It's not much different than making Kool-Aid. Except, you don't use rocks when you make Kool-Aid. Well, you might, but I know I certainly don't.

Pictured is everything you need to make your own crystals. The rocks, popsicle stick, display tray and powder were all included. You also need some newspaper to set everything on, because this stuff looks like it will stain anything it touches. The glass of wine wasn't part of the experiment, but it was still necessary. After I read the actual directions, I discovered the process is a little more involved. It requires filling the display tray, measuring how much water was in it, dumping that out, refilling the glass to the same level and then you dissolve the crystal powder. Okay, so it's still sorta easy. I'm just waiting for the fun part.

This is the packet of magical crystal growing chemical. I'm not sure what monoammonium phosphate is, but now I'm wishing I had worn gloves while I was doing this. If I start growing extra limbs, we'll know why. Once you have your water measured out correctly, you use it to dissolve 3/4 of this package. Just pour it right in and stir away.

Using the included stick, I stirred this stuff until my arm cramped up and it still wasn't fully dissolved. I was starting to get a little frustrated by all of this "fun", so I decided to add a little more power to the stirring operation. Time for the frother!

Now that's more like it. I wish I had thought of this earlier. It would have saved me the trouble of cramping my entire left side. I still wasn't able to get all of the powder to dissolve, so I eventually just said "Screw it", and dumped the mixture in the tray. I probably should have cleaned the frother off too, but I'm sure it'll be fine.

After you've filled the tray, you drop your rocks in, and then you sprinkle the remaining magic crystal chemical on top of them. You did remember to only mix in 3/4 of the package right? If not, I doubt it would even matter at this point.

Other than the photo on the front of the package, there are no other pictures showing me what each step is supposed to look like. I can only assume that this is what everything is supposed to look like when you're done. According to the directions, I could expect to see crystal growth in just a few hours. So, every couple of hours I would go back to the kitchen and see if anything was happening.

 It might look like the same photo three times in a row, but I promise you, these were all taken hours apart from each other. Chelsea eventually got tired of me hanging around waiting for the crystals to grow, and she shooed me out of the kitchen. Of course, I immediately forgot about the whole thing for the next few days, until I was told to get it out of the kitchen. By that time, it looked like this:

Apparently the trick to making crystals grow is to set everything up and forget about it for four or five days. I'm a little disappointed though. The package promised at least 3-4" of growth, yet this is barely out of the tray. Now I know how all my ex-girlfriends felt. So there you have it. It wasn't particularly fun, not that easy, and didn't teach me a single thing.

It does look like the sort of thing Cobra Commander would have lusted after on the G.I. Joe cartoon, so, that's something.

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