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Sunday, August 10, 2014

It's a Peep-stravaganza!

I'll admit, I'm not a huge marshmallow fan. Actually, I should clarify that. I like marshmallows on my S'mores and in my hot cocoa. I even like peanut butter and Fluff sandwiches. But, when it comes to snacking on marshmallows out of the bag, no thank you. The one exception to that rule is when Easter Sunday rolls around. Then, it's time to eat some Peeps.

I'm not sure when Peeps became a staple of Easter baskets, but it's hard to remember a time when they weren't sitting there in the stringy plastic grass, looking like they were waiting gleefully to be devoured. They started out as little chick shaped marshmallows, sprinkled with yellow sugar. Eventually, Peeps were released in bunny shapes, then more colors were added. Now there's hardly a holiday that doesn't have its own line of Peeps. Christmas, Halloween, even Valentine's Day all have their own varieties. Even the 4th of July has it's own flavor now. They're Patriotic Vanilla Creme if you're curious. 

When I saw these varieties just waiting for me in the snack aisles of WalMart, I couldn't help but toss them in my cart. Let's give them a taste, shall we?

Up first, we have the Bubble Gum flavored Peeps. This flavor almost seems like a no-brainer. It's easy to replicate, and all you have to do is add a little pink dye to the marshmallows, and sprinkle them with pink sugar. They certainly have a gum aroma, not unlike a package of Bazooka Joe. If someone handed me one of these, I would almost expect them to actually be gum, until I took my first bite at least. The comparison to Bazooka Joe can be carried over to the flavor as well, except that it lasts more than 5 seconds in the Peeps.

Next up, we have Blue Raspberry. If we were ranking these based on color alone, BR would have taken first place right out of the gate. With blue sprinkles covering a pleasantly blue marshmallow, it's my favorite color squared. The blue raspberry flavor was pretty strong. There's an initial hit of flavor when the sugar first hits your tongue, then you get blasted once the marshmallow starts to soften. I actually had to rinse my mouth a couple times to get the "blue raspberry" scraps that were hiding in there. I'd start to eat something else, and "BAM!", I'd get another shot of raspberry. It really sticks with you. 

There's a blurb on the back of this package proclaiming that these Peeps are "pink inside". I'll let you interpret that one as you like. I was originally going to say that there was a missed opportunity by not having little "seeds" all over the outside of the sour watermelon Peeps, but then I realized watermelon seeds are on the inside. I guess they can save that little tidbit, just in case they ever release strawberry flavored Peeps. I don't quite understand why candy manufacturers continue to make sour watermelon candies, when watermelons are anything but sour. I'd love to see someone make real watermelon flavored candy, where you stood the chance of getting a piece that just tasted like water. Speaking of taste, these are indeed sour, though no more so than any other melon flavored candy. They actually reminded me of Jolly Ranchers.

Also, these kind of look like caterpillars when viewed from behind. 

Cake batter seems to be gaining popularity as a flavor. It's started popping up in everything from ice cream to M&M's, and now we can add everyone's favorite marshmallows to the list. The marshmallow has a bit of tint to it, giving it the appearance of batter. That's coated by light blue sugar, which has small, sparkly bits of sugar mixed in. It kinda looks like the Peeps fell in a pile of glitter. I found that this flavor was the most subdued, and it didn't really taste all the different from the regular Peeps to me. 

Last we have the Sweet Lemonade Peeps. Since the normal Peeps are already covered in yellow sugar, they opted to coat these in white sugar, with larger yellow flakes. Otherwise, people would think they got ripped off when they tear open their pack of Sweet Lemonade Peeps and see normal looking ones sitting there. The lemon flavor isn't as bitter as I had expected. Most lemon candies are sour enough to nearly turn your face inside out. These could almost be considered, pleasant.

Also, 10% of the price goes toward funding child cancer research, so make sure you buy a bunch of them. 

It's hard to pick a clear winner out of the group, but if I had to go for one, it would be the Blue Raspberry. I can't help but love that shade of blue, and the taste wasn't too bad either. 

They also turn your mouth a deep, dark blue, so there's that as well. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween Countdown: I'm So Tired!

Ahhhh.  Sit on the couch.  Pull the lever and recline.  Pop my feet up and let the dog jump up for some cuddles.  Turn on the TV and surround sound and find something on a Saturday night that doesn't completely suck.  Turn on the computer and connect to the interweb.  Crap.
Crap. Crap. Crap.  
I still have to write a blog about Halloween as promised.  After all, I crossed my heart and hoped to die and I certainly don't hope to die.  But come on!  I just got home.  I'm four beers in.  I just want to sit on the couch, watch meaningless television and play candy crush!  Is that so much to ask?  
As (regrettably) promised I would do a real Halloween post for the Stunt Zombie blog.  Since I'm just the littlest bit buzzed I thought the best idea would be to find a Halloween snacky food to go with my beverage of choice, Redd's Apple Ale.

 While rooting through Chris' bag o' Halloween goodies I came across something that intrigued me:
Kraft Jet-Puffed GhostMallows (It's really hard not to type Jet-Stay-Puffed!)The flavor of these marshmallows is supposed to be Vanilla but aren't all regular marshmallows vanilla flavored?
 While I thought that these would be super yummy I also started to rethink my beverage of choice.  Fruity beer plus vanilla marshmallows?  I think not.  Thank God the back of the bag had suggestions for what beverage would go best:

 So I brewed me a cup of Suisse Mocha (close enough to ghostly hot chocolate) and popped a few of these ghoulish marshmallows on top.

 Aren't they so cute?!  Although, now that I'm looking at them from this angle they slightly resemble ghostly sperm, no?  As I began to sip on my chocolatey beverage I had the sinking feeling that something very important was missing.

 Ahhh, that's better.
Now, since most of you (make that all of you) don't know who I am you probably have no idea that I am completely obsessed with another marshmallowy treat, Peeps.  Who doesn't love Peeps?  They're sugary, chewy and full of Peepy goodness (and yes, I do realize that I turn a lot of nouns in to adverbs!).  Anyway, the reason I bring up Peeps is because one of my favorite Peep activities (yes, there are more than one) is Peep jousting.  For hours upon hours of fun you pit your Peeps against each other in head to head combat.  Simply place the marshmallows on a plate, shove toothpicks into them, pop them in the microwave for a few seconds and crown a victor.  The Peep who doesn't get skewered is victorious.  I simply applied this basic concept to the ghostly marshmallows:

It didn't work out as I had planned.  With no clear victor I decided to crown myself the winner, mashed my melty marshmallows together and stirred them into my mocha!  While I do love a good marshmallow I didn't find anything particularly special about these sugary snacks.  Sure they're cute and slightly colorful.  Yes they're ridiculously addicting and I ate half a bag in one sitting (don't judge me, I'm drunk).  And would I get them again if spotted in the snack food aisle of the grocery store?  Of course.  But did they stand out from all of the other marshmallows on the shelf?  No, not really.  So, while I did enjoy snacking on them individually I think I'll stick to drowning them in my coffee.

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