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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Beware the Wampa

So there you are, on Planet Hoth, enjoying a fun day of skiing behind a Rebel Snowspeeder.

Suddenly, you come across a set of unfamiliar tracks. You don't know what they're from, but you do know whatever left them was really, really big.

That, my friend, is a set of Wampa tracks. The Wampa is the alpha predator of Hoth, and not even the cold climate is a match for his ferocity. They are ill tempered, ravenous, and always on the lookout for an easy meal. That would be you, by the way. Their white fur allows them to blend into the environment perfectly, like so:

I bet you can't see him, can you?

Though they aren't very intelligent, Wampas are very patient.. They are very adept at digging in snow, and are masters of the underground ambush. They will wait like that for days, waiting for the random Tauntan or Rebel soldier to travel by. Did I mention they are indiscriminate killers? There's that too. Wampas don't care if you're a Rebel or an Imperial. They have no alliances, feel no remorse, and cannot be reasoned with.

One way to avoid Wampas is to never explore uncharted caves. Wampas love to live in caves, and there's a pretty good chance there's one hiding right around the corner in that cave you just entered. See that guy up there? He walked into the wrong cavern, and now he's about to become a meal. Don't be that guy.

Always pay attention to your surroundings when you are outside of your base. That's a fine snow droid those two gentlemen have built, but they are completely oblivious to the large, furry death machine that is about to be on top of them in the next few seconds. Yep, that was a fine snow droid indeed. It's a shame it was their last.

The most important thing to remember when you're trying to understand the mentality of the Wampa is that they love meat. You are made from meat, therefore, they love to eat you. By the time a Wampa is finished feeding, there's usually nothing left but a discarded pile of bones and a set of tracks leading off into the distance.

Just remember these simple rules, and you'll have a better chance of avoiding giant, furry death, unlike Mr. Bones up there.

1. Always travel with at least one other person. That way you can watch each other's back. It also gives you time to escape if the Wampa goes for your friend first.

2. Never leave base without a blaster. Clumsy and random they may be, they're definitely more effective than trying to use your teeth and hands. You'll probably still die if you're attacked by a Wampa, but at least people can say you went down fighting.

3. Keep a bottle of hot sauce on you at all times. If you are attacked by a Wampa, pour the contents all over yourself. There's a rumor that Wampas hate spicy food, so if you're going to get eaten, you might as well make him pay for it later.

Follow those simple rules, and maybe, just maybe, you can keep this from being the last thing you see during your tour on Hoth.

Good luck!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Stunt Zombie's Christmas Loot!

My apologies for not posting sooner, but my fiance and I have been gone for the past few days. It's been a great holiday season, and I wanted to share the spoils with the rest of you.

It was a toy-filled year for me, and trust me, that's not a complaint.

Lego! I was excited when I saw the Desert Skiff, then I got REALLY ecstatic when I realized it comes with an updated Boba Fett. I've started getting a little fed up with Hasbro's handling of the Star Wars license, so I may just have to collect the Lego versions of my favorite characters. That Kraang Lab Escape set is one I've had my eyes on for a while now. It comes with my favorite Turtle, Michelangelo, and one of the Kraang aliens. Of course, for me, it will always just be Krang. The Halloween set is another one I wanted, mainly for the zombie figure. Now that I know the ghost glows in the dark though, he has moved up to my number two favorite spot.

Speaking of my favorite Turtle, Chelsea bought me the new version of Michelangelo from the Nickelodeon series. This really is an awesome figure, and I'll go into a bit more detail about him in another post.

I almost forgot about these little guys. Chelsea bought me a replacement Boba Fett for my keychain, because as you can see from the guy on the right, they really take a beating on a keyring. The guy in the second photo is a magnet, and it is the newer more detailed version. I'm still trying to figure out where I'm going to keep him, since I'm not sure if sticking him to the side of my computer is a good idea. Those cookies behind him were another one of my gifts, since I'm a bit of a butter cookie addict. Thank goodness it's a small tin, otherwise I'd weigh three hundred pounds by New Year's Eve.

This is Yoda from the new Star Wars Saga series. These figures are less detailed and articulated than the either the main line or Black series. They're pretty much an updated version of the older Kenner style figures. Five points of articulation, and fewer paint apps mean these cost half as much as the other figures.

I don't have the Tomb Raider game for the 360, but now I have the controller, and it looks fantastic. I love the random scrapes and scratches on it, as well as the convertible D-pad. I can't wait to give it a go with some of our new games. Speaking of, I didn't get shots of them, but Chelsea's sister gave us Lego Batman, and Lego DC Super Heroes, as well as Zone of the Enders HD. Yep, we won't be going outside much this winter.

I always seem to get a bunch of books, music, and movies, and this year was no different. I've heard good things about both of these books, and I'm loving the new Goldfrapp cd. As for the movies, The Last Starfighter has always been one of my favorites, and I feel like I owe it to myself to finally watch Dune from start to finish.

Booze and candy, such a great combo. I never thought of mini bottles as stocking stuffers before. Now I realize that I've been missing out. As for the candy, these pictures don't even show half of the stuff that was hiding in my stocking. I might end up toothless and obese before New Years Eve yet.

I also received a nice leather wallet, since mine was getting worn out, and an Axe bath and body set. Believe those commercials, kids. What do you think I used to snatch Chelsea, my good looks? Nah, it was all in the Axe.

Star Wars mug set, with cocoa mix. Because everything tastes better out of Star Wars mug, especially one with Lando on it.

I've read about this stuff before, but I'm reluctant to actually use it. I'm afraid to see what kind of crap it's going to pull out of my keyboard. Sometimes it's best not knowing what's living in there...

I'm not sure how I've never owned a Leatherman Micra before now. It replaces the pliers found on the full size models, with one of the nicest set of scissors that I've used. It also includes several other implements, meaning my Victorinox Minichamp is going to have some serious competition on my keychain.

I saved the best for last. This right here is why I decided I wanted to marry Chelsea. She read my League entry from a couple of weeks ago, and tracked down a rather nice example of Tiger Electronic Pinball. I popped a couple AA batteries in, and it was 1990 all over again. It was perfect for killing time on the ride home today, just like all those other trips we took in my childhood.

There were some other items I received this weekend, such as clothing, coffee pods, and a nice seat warmer, but I wasn't able to get any pictures of them. I have to say, it really was a great Christmas this year. Not only do I have a wonderful fiance, but I received some great presents as well. I hope everyone else had a great Christmas this year, and I look forward to seeing what kind of loot my fellow bloggers found under their trees this holiday season.

I hope you all have a Happy New Year!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christmas Mood Table

For some reason, I'm really having a rough time getting into the holiday spirit this year. Maybe it's because we're pretty much broke, or perhaps it's stress from worrying about family and work. Whatever the reasons, I was finding that I had to force the happy feelings the past couple of weeks. Today, I decided to take back my holiday cheer. I was determined to find a way to bring those feelings of joy back to the surface, but I couldn't figure out how. Then it hit me, I needed a mood table.

I wish I could make the claim that I invented the concept of a mood table, but I believe that honor goes to Matt from Dinosaur Dracula. Humble as he may be, his Halloween Mood tables are something to behold, and I'm sure they could put anybody in the Halloween spirit. I decided to take that concept and apply it to the Christmas season. I did a quick search, but I couldn't find any examples of  Christmas Mood Tables. Does that mean I'm the first?

It actually took several tries before I got everything arranged just so. It's still not quite perfect, since I'd love to add some more colorful objects, but I think it's looking pretty great right now. Let's have a closer look, shall we?

This little Santa toy was once filled with candy. Now he just appears to be filled with fear. That's what happens when you tell Bob the Zombie Viper he's on the naughty list. It's not his fault he did all those nasty things. He's really not such a bad guy, he just smells that way.

I have to admit, after reexamining the photo, it's quite possible he's just trying to get away from Timber. Santa needs to realize, just because the wolves at the North Pole are friendly, doesn't mean the ones down here will be as amicable.

This is what I like to call the "treat corner" of the table. Up front we have Gingerbread M&M's, Gingerbread Peeps, and Rudolph gummies. Obi Wan Kenobi looks like he really wants an M&M, but I'm sure he thinks this is some kind of test. Just eat one already Ben. I promise they won't make you go to the dark side.

My, aren't we a happy looking Santa Claus. I can't help it, every time I look at this guy, I can't keep myself from grinning. Unfortunately, I have to make sure he stays turned off. Otherwise, the slightest touch on his belly sends him into a hysterical fit, and he'll knock everything off the table. Oh Ticklish Santa, you bring so much joy and so much aggravation at the same time..I'm not sure if you can tell, but Ticklish Santa is also sitting on several of my favorite Christmas Movies. Now I'm realizing I probably should have stored the discs in a binder, because I'll have to take part of the display down to get to the movies. Crap.

At the top of the mountain, we have the lair of Stunt Claus. Or is it Santa Zombie? Zombie Claus? I guess I should have established that at his creation. Either way, he has plenty of friends, with Wampa, unfortunate skeleton, and a couple of snowmen to keep him company. What are his plans for the Christmas season? Nothing too evil I hope...

Here we see Iron man putting the finishing touches on the tree. He actually came up with a formula to determine which decorations should go where. The result is the most precisely decorated tree in history. Behind him you can see more of our Christmas movies, and next to those you can barely see a Christmas Sing-a-ma-jig. It's just watching, waiting for the perfect moment to jump from behind the tree and sing "Jingle Bells" at somebody.

High up in the tree, Snake Eyes is keeping watch, just in case any of Cobra's secret elves try to come in and sabotage the lights. He may not seem like the Christmas-y type, but oh boy..does he ever get pissed when someone tries to mess with the tree lights.

It seems the Storm Trooper got a little confused, and mistook Dodger from Oliver and Company for his Tauntaun. "No wonder they lost the war", muttered a bewildered Rebel Trooper under his breath.

It seems like wherever you go, there will always be somebody causing trouble. Knowing Mumm-Ra, this is all his doing. Or, I could be wrong, and it's all part of a snowball fight gone bad. Either way, this is probably going to end badly for Cobra Commander, unless he's smart enough to run away from this one.

I have to admit, after I finished the table, I was definitely feeling more of the ol' Christmas spirit. It's almost like those twinkling little lights burned through whatever fog that was keeping me from getting into the holiday. So, if you're feeling down in the dumps, or just can't get into the swing of things this year,just do what I did. Arrange a bunch of random Christmas items on a table top, and watch your aggravations just dissolve away. Oh, and if you do put together a Christmas Mood Table, I'd love to see it.

Have a happy rest of November!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Star Wars sticker books and a Tie Fighter

This little set was another one of my Christmas gifts. It includes two sticker books, a Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, and a Tie Fighter kit. 

Sticker books have always puzzled me. Once you put all the stickers where they're supposed to go, what then? At least these have reusable stickers, but it's not like you can use them somewhere else. Still, these will be a good activity for Chelsea and I on one of those rainy day weekends. The Character Encyclopedia is full of fun little facts about the characters, as well as their evolution as Lego minifigures. It's a cool little book for a lover of facts and trivia, like me. It's probably not as comprehensive as some of the larger volumes out there, but there's enough info that I feel like I learn something new each time I look through it. 

The real star of the set is the Tie Fighter kit. 

I was a little disappointed at first, since the model obviously doesn't have the proper Tie Fighter colors. Then I started thinking of it as a top secret model that the Empire was just rolling out. Or maybe this one is part of a Special Forces Tie Fighter group, and the odd coloration is what sets them apart from the normal pilots. Whatever scenario you come up with, I think you'll find it's a rather well built model, that isn't too far off scale. 

It's also rather sturdy, as I've dropped mine a couple times now and nothing has broken off. Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for the elusive Stealth Tie Fighter to shoot down some Rebel scum. May the Force be with you all.

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