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Monday, November 3, 2014

October Leftovers

Yet again, I only managed to cover about half the things I wanted to talk about this Halloween season. That being the case, I had a lot of leftovers that I wasn't about to let go to waste. This was a banner season for Pumpkin flavored junk food, and this stuff is just a small fraction of what was out there. There isn't much new about my pile of junk food, since I'm sure it's all been covered ad nauseum on numerous other blogs, but I guess there's room for one more quick look at Halloween and Fall themed goodies.

Kelloggs Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts

These certainly aren't a new item, but it's my first time having them. As the years go on, I'm finding companies like Kelloggs are getting better at reproducing off the wall flavors. Depending on the variety, Pop-Tarts can be hit or miss when it comes to how accurately they represent their flavors. Still, even when they're off, they're still on, know what I mean?

They look like every other variety of Pop-Tarts; They have a pastry crust, white frosting, and sprinkles. Kelloggs actually used fall colored sprinkles, and you could be forgiven for thinking your toaster pastries have been covered in candy corn shavings. There's no mistaking it, these are for Fall, and Fall only.

Thankfully, the flavor actually lives up to the name on the box. It definitely tasted like Pumpkin Pie, perhaps even a bit spicier. I have to admit, I never tried them cold, as I've found just about every Pop-Tart is better after a good browning in the toaster.

Hershey's Pumpkin Spice Kisses

I was a little apprehensive about trying these at first, since I have yet to talk to anyone else that likes them. They have an intriguing aroma, reminding me of a cheap dollar store scented candle. There's definitely a scent of Pumpkin Spice, though it definitely smells artificial. The Kisses are  a bit waxier than normal, which only forces me to think of those small incense cones I always find at the flea market. The flavor on the other hand, is rather bearable. There's a layer of Pumpkin Spice flavored chocolate surrounding a smaller white chocolate Kiss. I discovered that  letting them melt in your mouth rather than chewing them up improves their flavor by a factor of 17. I kinda wish Hershey's has made the whole Kiss out of the Pumpkin Spice chocolate, but maybe orange food coloring was too expensive for all that.

Kraft Jet-Puffed Pumpkin Spice and Candy Corn Marshmallow

This is the first time that I've seen Kraft release marshmallows with flavors specific to one holiday. Sure, they've released chocolate and vanilla ghosts before, but those can hardly be considered Fall specific flavorings. This year, we have two different varieties to choose from; Candy Corn and Pumpkin Spice. The Candy Corn marshmallows definitely have the look, but they really lack any discernible smell or flavor. Opening the bag, I was greeted with the scent of plain old marshmallow. At first taste, I thought I could detect a bit of candy corn flavor, but I might have to chalk it up to the power of suggestion. I packed my mouth full and still wasn't able to pick up anything other than "marshmallow".  The Pumpkin Spice fared a bit better, and I was able to actually pick up the scent when I first opened the bag. The taste was a bit subdued, but I think that's a result of it being infused into a marshmallow. The marshmallows also have a suitably wrinkled looked, and if they had faces on them, they would make great evil Jack O-Lanterns for your Halloween food diorama.

Turkey Hill Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

Turkey Hill has the honor of being the only pumpkin ice cream I was able to find in my little corner of nowhere. Even if I had found other brands' take on ice creamed pumpkin pie, I'd probably still name this one king of the freezer. The ice cream itself has a great flavor, but the cinnamon graham cracker swirl is what puts this one over the top. My first taste of that swirl immediately threw my tongue into seizures, it was so overcome by its deliciousness. I wish Turkey Hill sold the swirl by itself, because I would gladly plop down in a chair with a carton and a spoon. If they had included bits of pie crust and swirls of whipped cream in the ice cream, I would forsake all other foods and eat Pumpkin Pie ice cream for the remainder of what would inevitably be a very short life.

With all this pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice food scraps lying around, I thought I should put it to good use. Since I already had a bowl of ice cream sitting there, I started prepping some toppings.

Much like with Thanksgiving leftovers, I just chopped everything up, and tossed them on top of the mashed cream.

Okay, so I probably should have started and stopped with the Pop-Tart crumbs, but I'm a firm believer in using all parts of the animal. No junk food left behind.

Thus ends the Halloween season. It was a fun one, but like always, it went by way too fast. Now it's time to get ready for the season of Cringle, my other favorite time of the year. It should be full of food, toys, movies, stories, and most of all, fun.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Hood's Pumpkin Spice Eggnog and JJ's Pumpkin Pie

Tonight, I'm taking a quick look at a couple of impulse buys from my last shopping trip.

First we have JJ's Pumpkin Pie. I'm thinking they should have added an asterisk after "Real Fruit Filling!", because the ingredients state that there is less than 2% of pumpkin puree actually present. In other words, if you were able to break down this pie into 100 equally sized pieces, less than two of them would contain any pumpkin at all. I guess I should have known that would be the case, what with all the random pumpkins laying around on the box. Lesson number one in fruit pie anatomy is, "The more fruit that's on the box, the less there is in the pie." Lesson number two should be to never buy a fruit pie that costs less than a dollar. These only cost $.79. So goes the lesson..

The box states that the pie is microwaveable, and it was at this point that I realized I had never microwaved one of these things before, not even the Hostess versions. Since I don't see myself eating many more fruit pies over the years, I gave it a quick nuke. 17 seconds later, and I had a plate full of steaming fruit* pie.

JJ's pies look oddly similar to Hostess' offerings, but I guess you can only have so many different shapes for pie crusts. I'm thankful the filling isn't the same shade of brownish orange that I've only ever seen in Playdoh. It makes it all the more easier to stomach. Speaking of the filling, there really isn't much in the way of pumpkin flavor at all. It was more like caramel, or butterscotch. It was actually a little hard to figure out just what the hell it tasted like. It wasn't bad, just odd. JJ certainly could have tossed some nutmeg to spice things up a bit. Ultimately, I didn't finish this one. Not because it was bad, but because it had about three days worth of fat content, and I don't feel like getting into a fistfight with heart disease quite yet.

Next up is Hood's Pumpkin Spice Eggnog. Now here we have an item that is on the other end of the flavor spectrum. While JJ's Pumpkin Pies had very little in the way of pie flavoring, Hood's eggnog was uncanny in its flavoring. By that I mean, it was like drinking a glass of pumpkin pie. My first sip actually caught me off guard. I've had flavored eggnogs before, and they're usually close enough for me to agree with the label on the box. This stuff actually had me sitting down and pondering the deeper meanings of life and the universe. It's a flavor and consistency that normally don't happen together, and it confused my mind a little bit. It has a slightly orangeish hue, but it's not as garish as the orange milk you see around this time of the year. It's just subtle enough to let you know that this isn't just any ordinary eggnog you're about to drink. As good as the eggnog is, I think its flavor works against it. I can't help but feel like I need to toss some chunks of crust in the glass so I'll have something to chew.

 So there you have it. Hood's Pumpkin Spice eggnog tastes like a carton of pie, and you should only ever buy expensive fruit pies.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

They say good things come to those who wait...

I've been lazy this month, but I've found that I don't feel as motivated to blog since I'm not using social media. That's all about to change in less than a week. You see, my favorite time of the year has just arrived, and I can feel those blogging juices bubbling to the surface once again. October is going to be a busy month, a lot busier than the past two years. I'm not promising to post every day, but I'm certainly planning on filling most of this month with Fall themed snacks, toys, movies, and Halloween goodness.

This year, even my local Food Lion is on their game. I've found things I've only been able to read about, and some things that are completely new to me.

Yep, October is looking like it's going to be a fun month indeed.

Now, let's just hope I didn't just jinx myself..

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween leftovers

It's November 5th, and I'm still finding it hard to believe that Halloween has already come and gone. My little hiatus during the middle of the month kinda threw things out of whack, and I never really recovered enough of the Halloween spirit to keep the countdown going. We didn't even carve jack-o-lanterns this year. That's the first time that's ever happened.

Since I was gone for close to two weeks, I had a few things I didn't get a chance to cover for the blog. That just means I have a few leftovers to share with everyone.

I really have an unhealthy appetite for Jell-O. I've yet to find a flavor that I didn't like. That's right, I even like Lime flavored Jell-O. I do draw the line at those weird fruit salads, that have chunks of unidentifiable fruit floating around in a round Jell-O mold. Why would anyone want to muck about with a fine gelatin desert by adding real fruit to it? Craziness..Anyway, it's this love for Jell-O that caused me to pick up this kit I saw at Wal-Mart. Apparently, I forgot to take a photo of the thing while it was still in the box, but if you go to Wal-Mart and look in the now clearanced Halloween section, I'm sure you'll find it. This particular kit comes with the mold seen here, as well as two different flavors of Jell-O, orange and grape. I know the molding tray has 6 spots in it, but for whatever reason, Jell-O decided to allow us to make two pumpkins at a time. That means we only get 5 spooky shapes.

The first one, and my favorite, is the grinning skull. Most would be content with just giving us a skull, but Jell-O added a little bit of spine there at the bottom. It's not a huge deal, but it's a nice little touch and it adds to the creepiness of the mold. Think about it, which would freak you out more, just finding a skull laying on the ground, or finding a skull with the spine still attached? It's the little things that shows Jell-O cares.

Up next we have your standard ghost. What's interesting though, are his arms. Rather than looking like arms hidden beneath a sheet, they look more like bony wings. I've never seen a ghost with bony wings before, so I'm instantly suspicious of that smile he has pasted on his mug. You may seem friendly, orange gelatin spirit, but I know you're not to be trusted.

Those are what I consider the "Creepy Crawlers" of the bunch. It's hard to see in the picture, but the bat actually has two little eyes molded in there. The spider has neither eyes, nor a mouth, but that's probably a good thing. A spider that can stare me straight in the face and give me a grin would cause me to lose my shit. These guys remind me of those huge gummy critters I used to buy from the convenience stores around here. They were multi-colored, and came in a foil back plastic bubble. You could get them one at a time, or buy a whole strip of fruity gummy creatures. I'd advise against that though, since eating more than two of them was usually enough to make me wish I could throw up.

Last up, we have the incredibly happy jack-o-lantern. Why is he so happy? You've got me. Maybe he has something awful planned for us. Or maybe it's because he knows that Chelsea spiked the Jell-O with chocolate whip cream vodka, effectively making all these things undercover Jell-O shots. I bet if I ate enough of them I'd be smiling like that too.

I'm S'mores eating fiend, so when I saw this earlier in the season, I had to pick it up. I've enjoyed S'mores cereal, Pop-Tarts, and candy bars, but I can't fool myself into thinking that they actually taste like the graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow treat I've grown to love.

Sadly, mine was already falling apart when I opened up the package. At least Russel Stover made it look similar to the real thing. The main difference is the marshmallow is contained within a thin chocolate shell. It's not quite a Hershey bar, but it should do.  Still, you can't just slap a cold piece of chocolate and marshmallow between a couple of graham crackers and call it a S'mores. This calls for some heat.

Well crap. It looks like 20 seconds in the microwave was a bit too much. The proper preparation of S'mores requires an open fire, preferably built using the remains of your enemy's empire. Barring that, a microwave will work in a pinch. I expected things to soften up a bit, but I didn't think it would turn into a soupy mess. I didn't really want to waste what was still a perfectly edible snack, so I dug in anyway. After a couple of bites, I realized that what I was putting in my mouth didn't actually taste like the real thing. It did taste exactly like the S'mores Pop Tarts though. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though it is a little puzzling since it looks nothing like a Pop-Tart.

Sadly, I didn't pick either one of these up for the candy. I picked them out, because they were two different takes on the same character. Sinister he may be, the Dracula on the left still has manners, and he'll ask your permission before he sucks your blood. He looks like the type of vampire that would have you over for a nice dinner, before having your for dinner. The Dracula on the right however..

He's a freakin' wild man. There's no suave, sophisticated manners with this guy. Look at those crazed, bloodshot eyes and the huge ears. This is a vampire that has forsaken his humanity, and is just searching for his next meal. You might get the chance to enjoy a glass of wine in front of a roaring fire place with Bubble Tape Dracula, but Lip Pop Dracula is going to make a meal out of you as soon as you ring the doorbell. The Bubble Tape's flavor is "Awesome Original", which sounds like another way of saying "Amazingly Plain". Still, it tastes better than the Lip Pop's Green.

It doesn't help that I look completely ridiculous while I'm trying to eat the Lip Pop.

Finally, here's a picture of Chelsea dressed as a cat for work last Friday. I know she works at an animal hospital, but I thought it was for animals, not run by them.....I think I've filled my quota for bad jokes this evening, so I'll be merciful and end this post.
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