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Friday, May 24, 2013

Old School Sith Lord

I had that big guy up there for several years before I knew who he was. My original was in worse shape though, and was missing his cape and lightsaber. I'm not sure how I originally came into possession of Darth Vader. Going by his condition, he must have been a hand-me-down from one of my older cousins. Or, he could have been something my mom picked up at a yard sale. She used to love hitting the garage sales, and I was usually lucky enough to be the one she was buying for. Regardless of where he came from, I could just tell he was a bad guy. It must be the face. I don't think anyone could have a face like that, and still be a good guy.

The lightsaber hilt always puzzled me. I had never seen a complete Darth Vader at that point, so I just pretended it was a laser gun of some sort. Sometimes I would stick a G.I. Joe knife in there, and have him run around attacking people like that. In the end though, Old Darth just didn't have the panache or the staying power of Destro or Cobra Commander. It wasn't long before he started spending most of his time at the bottom of the toy box. He most likely ended up being part of the great action figure massacre of 1994. It's an event that led to me destroying most of my toys I'd collected up until that point. If I could travel in time, it's one of the first places I'd stop, and I would give my 13 year old self a smack in the head. Trust me, he was starting to become a real jackass, and having my future self come and give him a wake up call would have prevented so many problems.

Figures like this Darth Vader remind me that my tastes are changing as I get older. Years ago, I would have dismissed these figures because of their lack of articulation and their simple appearance. Now, I find myself appreciating that same simplicity. For me, the vintage Star Wars line is starting to transcend from just mere toys, to miniature works of art. You know, maybe I should try to figure out how to frame some of these guys. Chelsea always says I don't have enough of my own decorations around the house..

Monday, March 25, 2013

Judge me by my size do you?

These two were an impulse buy at Dollar General a few months ago. Yoda only has articulation in his arms, wrists, and neck, but Darth Vader manages to pack in 7 points of articulation in a two inch figure. They may be targeted to the younger kids, but I think they're pretty darn cool in my book. I'm actually a little surprised at how detailed Darth Vader is compared to the vintage version. This little guy manages to have more detail and paint apps, as well as a cloth cape. Not too shabby for $3 bucks.

These two guys are fun and durable, pretty much the epitome of what a toy should be.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Big Daddy Darth Vader

It appears I've been neglecting my blogging duties the past few days. Don't worry though, because this fellow caught on to the fact that I had been slacking off, and forced me to do an entry about him.

The Emperor will be most pleased with your progress.
I'm sure some folks would disagree, but I'm going to go ahead and name Darth Vader the most recognizable character in science fiction. I'm willing to bet most people could pick him out just by the sound of his respirator alone. I guess that's why there have been so many action figures made of him. This particular figure is from the 12th wave of the Vintage Collection. I had a previous version with a removable helmet, but it seems that Hasbro has trouble making helmets that actually stay on the figures' heads. This Darth Vader's head is all one piece, so there's no worries about it falling off. 

This version also has ball jointed hips, so he's able to get into some pretty cool battle stances, unlike the last one I had. I kinda wish they had included an extra right hand, so I'd have one that could hold his lightsaber, but the Force choke pose is rather fitting for the character.

Next to the original vintage figure, this one is probably my favorite interpretation of the character. It gets all the details right, without going too far, giving us a toy fit for collectors and children alike. 

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