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Friday, December 21, 2012

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar Day 21

As much as I love the Lego Advent Calendars, it's become an exercise in frustration. The past couple of days have seen some rather obscure, and poorly constructed models. We're really getting down to the wire here, with just three short days left before Christmas Eve. Will the these last four models turn things around? I have to admit that I'm not holding my breath. it's a Super Battle Droid. Not completely disappointing, but nothing spectacular either. At least the regular Battle Droid was made up of different color pieces. This one is all the same shade of metallic gray, though I have to admit it is a rather detailed mold. Otherwise, I don't really care for him. Bob, show Mr. Super Battle Droid the way out please.

Actually, I wanted you to usher him to the exit..oh well.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Busch Gardens Christmas Town Part 3..?

I do believe I promised I would post a video from our trip to Busch Gardens a couple of weeks ago, so let's see if this works..

Okay, so it's going to take it a while to upload to youtube, but until then, here's a picture of me on Christmas morning when I was 15 years old.

Man, I was a lot skinnier back then. I'm ashamed to admit it, but when I first came across this photo, I didn't  recognize myself. I can't remember everything that I got that day, but I can see in the picture that I got Die Hard Trilogy for the Playstation, which I played to death. It's a primitive game by today's standards, but I always loved to fire it up and kill me some terrorists in all their glorious polygonal shapes. It also appears that I got a new pair of jeans as well.  Judging by the box I'm unwrapping in the photo, I probably got a couple of shirts too. I'm not sure why, but my mom always used those types of boxes to give me clothing. Oddly enough, I'm not wearing my glasses in this picture. I guess I didn't need them to open presents, but it's weird since they were the first thing I would put on when I woke up in the morning. My parents had a few foster kids at this point, so not all the presents under the tree are for me. I'm sure I still had a great Christmas that year though.

Okay, so the video is uploaded, but unfortunately, it's mostly lights amid a sea of darkness, along with some not so witty commentary from yours truly. It also ends abruptly, because my camera ran out of memory half way through. So..I guess it's better than nothing, but not by much.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Busch Gardens Christmas Town Part 2!

Okay, time for more photos from our trip.

There were a ton of these small lit-up pine trees scattered throughout the park. From a distance, they really look like they're on fire.

 On our way to Germany, to see what's going on in the Festhaus.

The main tree outside of the Festhaus. All the trees in the area were part of a light show that took place every half hour. It looked much better once the sun went down.

See what I mean?

All of those lights were part of the show as well.

 Just some random shots of the Festhaur interior.

We watched the Christmas music medley while we were in the Festhaus. It was actually a pretty good show. The performers were surprisingly acrobatic.

 Gingerbread men, toy soldiers, and snowmen, oh my!

By the time the show was over, the sun had fallen, and it was pretty dark outside. As you can tell, it was much easier to see the decorations.

I think this is one of my favorite shots. This is on one of the paths leading to Italy.

Escape from Pompeii looks a bit different this time of the year..

Hmm..different indeed. I definitely don't remember seeing polar bears there during the summer.

It looks like an Ice Palace doesn't it?

The "water" at Pompei. Lighting up the slide was a nice touch as well.

If anyone tells you polar bears don't like hot chocolate, they're lying. That little tidbit could save your life one day.

And somehow this ended up being my last shot before we left. That's the moon above Big Ben in case you were wondering.

We really had a great time at Christmas Town. We actually met up with some folks later on in the evening, which is why I wasn't able to get many shots after the polar bears. There are only two rides open this time of the year, Verbolten and Nacht Tower. Verbolten is a speed coaster, and from I hear it's like riding a race car around the track.I didn't go on it this time, I was just too full and too impatient to want to wait in line for it. Normally, Nacht Tower is the type of ride that takes you to the top of a pole, then quickly drops. This time of the year though, it slowly takes you up and down, and really gives you a great view of the park. I actually have a video from the ride that I will try posting tomorrow.

The only disappointment  during our time there was the food we bought from the Smokehouse in New France. The smells were wonderful, but the flavors just weren't there. The hot chocolate, on the other hand, was delicious, and I drank entirely too much of it. Chelsea also bought a small mini pretzel pizza that was freakin amazing. She also had some cinnamon and sugar pretzel bites from the same place that were very tasty. My recommendation, if you want dinner, go to the Festhaus. The food there has always been consistently good for us.

So there you have it, our short little field trip across "Europe". I hope you all enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed the trip.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Busch Gardens Christmas Town! Part 1

Last weekend Chelsea and I were presented with the opportunity to go to Christmas Town in Busch Gardens Williamsburg. It's not often that we get a chance to go to a theme park, so we of course jumped at the opportunity, and made our way there as soon as we finished work. I took a ton of photos, but my lack of skill means some turned out better than others.

That's the lovely Chelsea, expressing her glee at being on her way to Christmas Town for the first time ever.

And that's me..looking like a lunatic for whatever reason..Okay. Moving on.

I honestly don't remember exactly where this is, but it's at the beginning, so I'm thinking this was near the entrance.

That's a bigass snowman.

That's a big ass snowflake.

This guy was playing Christmas music the entire time we were there (7 hours). Seriously, every time we walked by, he was standing there playing.

It's a little hard to tell, but that's a pine tree Rudolph. There were reindeer like this all over the park.

That's a Golden Eagle. They will eat  your face.

This statue is near Alpengeist. There were a bunch more, but for some reason I only took a picture of this one.

The horror! I still have nightmares about this guy. The only difference is that it's my leg in there, instead of a peppermint log.

Check out that Nutcracker! Oh, and that one next to Chelsea is pretty damn big isn't it?

Ah yes, the trouble I would cause after consuming large quantities of ale from that stein. It could have been mine, but unfortunately I don't have an extra $1,500.

We're at the North Pole, on our way to Santa's Workshop. Time to talk to the big man, and make sure he knows what we want for Christmas.

Just about every thing in there was animated.

At first glance, these reindeer looked like they were mounted. Turns out it's just their stable.

 Hey! You're supposed to be feeding the reindeer, not eating their straw! Elves, can't do anything right..

You can barely see him, but that is Santa Clause to the right of the picture, under all those children. The line to get into his workshop stretched almost all the way to the entrance of the park. I don't have that kind of patience, so I just emailed our lists instead.

I'm on a horse.

And with that picture, I'm going to close out Part 1. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow. Stay tuned!
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