Friday, August 18, 2017

Nissin Top Ramen Chicken Flavor Pringles!

So, it looks like this is becoming some sort of junk food blog doesn't it? I promise one day I'll talk about something else. Eventually. Maybe.

After years of ignoring the dollar stores, I've learned that you should never count them out. Just when you think they're just full of junk, Dollar General and Family Dollar pop up with some real gems. The Top Ramen Chicken Pringles are just one example. One random trip into DG for some toiletry items, and all of a sudden, I'm buying a tube of chicken-y goodness.

I have to admit, I love what they did with the artwork on the tube. They always find some way to include the Pringle chips on the front. Normally, they're just laying around while various flavor elements and spices appear to have their way with them. Sour cream and onion and salsa ingredients just dancing around on the chip, while the Pringle's just letting them do all the work. Not on Top Ramen though. No, that chip is slamming the hell out of those Ramen noodles, forcibly infusing all those flavors on its surface. Look at those noodles just flying all over the place. Somebody's gonna have a mess to clean up.
And now I'm slightly aroused.

As far as how they taste, well, why don't you just watch this short video and find out:

If you don't feel like watching, they're actually really good. Well, really good if you enjoy Chicken Top Ramen. Honestly, it's not my favorite flavor, but damn. I really have to hand it to them. They got this flavor spot on. I mean, I know all they had to do was shake some flavor packets over the chips. It really doesn't get any easier than asking Nissin for a few tons of Chicken seasoning to cover your parabolic potato slices.  This gives me hope that we might see some other Top Ramen flavors show up. Top Ramen Shrimp or Oriental Pringles anybody? Seriously, if you like the noodles, you should give these a shot.

If nothing else, they're easier to eat with chopsticks.


  1. I see these are based on Nissin .Not my favorite brand of Ramen but damn those chips look good on the packaging !

    1. I've eaten my fair share of Ramen over the years, but if I didn't have the packaging in front of me, I'm not sure I could tell the difference between Nissin and Maruchan.

      Having said that, I bought a package of Maruchan Chicken Ramen to do a comparison, and I thought the Nissin Pringles actually had a deeper flavor.

  2. Junk food or healthy food, Nissin or Ramen , I love pringles, there is no replacement for them. I loved the post, and you have made me to check the packaging, which I will do now. Thank you for the post.


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