Wednesday, July 26, 2017

He's garbage! He's trash! He's Muckman!

Today's quick post is about an action figure that's a real pile of garbage. But, in a good way.

Muckman, for those of you who aren't familiar with him, used to be a sanitation worker until the day he was doused in Mutagen ooze. And of course, anyone who gets hit with ooze becomes an amalgamation of the last thing they touched. I feel sorry for the guy that gets hit with Mutagen right off the toilet.

I think you could argue that the original Muckman was the pinnacle of sculpting and detail in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toyline. He was literally made of garbage, with bits and pieces of trash sculpted on his body. He also had the nifty ability to leak slime from his face and the large cavernous hole in his stomach, if you had a tub of ooze handy.

The newest TMNT figures might not have all the details and paint apps of the original toys, but this Muckman is still a pretty crazy looking figure. Looking closely, I can almost see a resemblance to the Tar Man from Return of the Living Dead. There are some callbacks to the original figure, like the banana peel on top of his head, and the rather large hole going through his abdomen. There's even a little bit of intestine hanging out the front, and you can see what's left of his spine. I don't think it's really doing much at this point. You could probably pour some ooze in there, but I bet you'd catch hell trying to get it all out. Muckman's right shoulder is basically one giant blister, and I wish that they could have found a way to make that thing soft enough to squeeze. Yeah, I know I'm gross, but don't tell me you wouldn't do it too.

There's still a ton of detail sculpted onto Muckman, though most of it seems to be located on his feet. Out of everything on this figure, his feet creep me out the most. They're just so huge. Those humongous toes sticking out there bother me so much. The rest of his feet look to made up of all kinds of nastiness. His right leg is coming right out of what appears to be the world's tiniest barrel of toxic waste. His left leg is made up of miscellaneous garbage, including a couple bags of trash, some apple cores, what looks like a Klondike bar, and a pumpkin. I'm not sure what's more impressive, the collection of refuse he's managed to pick up, or the fact that it all stays in one place. Does he continually collect garbage as he walks, or does this stuff kinda hang around indefinitely?

Something that surprised me about the original figure, as well as this one, they didn't think to add a "garbage" smell. I don't mean make him smell exactly like a month old trash can, but any odd smell would have worked. Hell, they could have gone with patchouli, like Mattel did with Stinkor. Also, he needs some glow in the dark accents. I want his bulging eyes and chiclet teeth glowing at me when I turn the lights off in my office. Take note Playmates, for when you inevitably release a repaint of this guy.

I hope you enjoyed a couple hundred words about a living pile of garbage.
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