Thursday, January 19, 2017

Chocolate Strawberry Oreo!

We're just in the first month of the year, and we already have a new Oreo flavor. Maybe this is a sign things are looking up.

So, we're in one of my least favorite times of the year. Christmas is over, New Year's Day has passed, and the next holiday on the books is Valentine's Day. And I don't know anyone that actually looks forward to Valentine's Day. Thankfully, there's one good thing to come out of the upcoming holiday, and it's these Chocolate Strawberry Oreo cookies. Now, I'm not saying these were actually released in conjunction with V-Day. There's not a single heart to be seen anywhere on the package, not one arrow piercing the juicy red flesh of the cocoa dipped berry on the front. But, that label advertising the chocolate and strawberry flavored creme is pretty fancy. It looks like the sort of design you'd find on a small box of romantic candies.

Tearing open the package, I was struck by a familiar smell. Unless we're talking Fruit Roll-Ups, there's really no junk foods out there that taste like strawberries. Point of fact, when I broke the seal on the Chocolate Strawberry Oreo's, the first thing that came to mind was Strawberry Quik. Seeing as that's probably my all-time favorite flavor of Nestle Quik, I was a bit excited to try these out.

At first glance, these don't look any different than the chocolate Oreo cookies that are found on store shelves every single day of the week. When you twist them apart though.. can see that they're hiding a little secret between those chocolate wafers. There's an island of strawberry creme floating in a sea of chocolate. You would think that all that chocolate creme along with the chocolate cookies would overpower the strawberry. But you would be wrong. With my first bite, I was surprised by just how strong the s'berry flavor was. I had to try to taste the chocolate, and even then, the strawberry flavor managed to spread through the surrounding creme like a virus. A delicious, delicious virus. The flavor is not unlike Keebler's Strawberry Sugar Wafers or Strawberry Quik. Eat enough of these in one sitting, and I bet your milk might even turn pink. Damn, now I'm ashamed I didn't eat enough to try this.

The Chocolate Strawberry Oreo cookies definitely get my seal of approval. They may not be in first place for my all-time fav's, but I like them enough that I would buy another package. When Valentine's Day rolls around, go pick up some roses and plan that nice, candlelit dinner. But, forget the chocolate covered strawberries, and go for the Chocolate Strawberry Oreo's instead. They're just as sexy as the real thing, and even more delicious. Also, they aren't as messy.

Of course, you could also just enjoy these by yourself. At least you won't have to share.

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  1. Haha you can never hate a flavor of oreo anyways, thanks for the detailed review. I love chocolate and strawberry so both together would definitely be a hit with me. Looking forward to more posts soon.


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