Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pop Culture League Assignment: Shelfie

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers is dead. Long live the League! The Pop Culture League has risen from the pile of cast out toys, comics, and movies to take its place. So, what's this week's assignment?

Shelfie! Snap a picture or two of your favorite shelf.

I'm sure I've posted photos of my display case before, and I'm sure that things haven't changed much since then. Some pieces have gone on to other homes, while I've welcomed a few new additions. How about we get a closer look of dem shelves?

Up first, is the random shelf. Populated by Glyos figures, X-Men, and Transformers, this is the kind of selection you would have seen in my toy boxes growing up. I never really focused on one toyline. There was no concern with getting them all. When I saw something I liked, I bought it. I'd make it work with my other figures through the power of imagination.

If I had to pick a few favorites from this section, I'd have to go with Zullbeast, Wolverine, and the Rescue Patrol Micromasters up front there.

Going down, we have the "mainly Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shelf". For a while, the TMNT trumped even my love for G.I. Joe. Besides, when you have a decision to make between another Viper, or Space Usagi Yojimbo, there's only one right decision. I love that the Turtles are still around, even if they come with fewer accessories and paint apps. Even with their issues, I still consider them the best toy line out today. Holtzmann over there is part of the disappointing new Ghostbusters line. Disappointing because there were so many missed opportunities with this line, and with the failure of the movie at the box office, I doubt we'll see anymore.

My favorites from this shelf are Krang on his walker, Squirrelanoid, and that handheld Pinball game. It's just sooo blue.

And lastly we have the Star Wars shelf. I came to the world of Star Wars a little late in life, but I had a real passion for it for so many years. I've cooled a bit on it now, just because there is so much stuff out there, it gets to be bit overwhelming. I mean, just on this shelf you have figures ranging from 2 to 30 years old. And the types of toys are just as varied. Of course there are action figures, but Star Wars has invaded just about every other type of toy, from LEGO to Hot Wheels.

My favorites from this shelf are a little off from the norm, at least I think so. Ellors Madak has been one of my favorites for a while, just because he looks like he's always holding a drink. He kinda looks like he had a rough day flying his space freighter, and just needs to unwind. Next would be another Cantina patron, Greedo. For me, this is the one figure that Hasbro got right in the Star Wars Black line. His likeness is just spot on compared to many of the other figures. For the last pick, I'm going to go with a the Snowspeeder and Wampa cave playset. It seems pretty simple, but there's actually a lot of play value in this set. It doesn't hurt that the Snowspeeder was always one of my favorite craft in Star Wars.

So there you have it, my favorite shelves. Why don't you go see some of my fellow bloggers' favorite wood (or glass) planks of holding.

G.I. Jigsaw

Green Plastic Squirt Gun

Las Vegas Yankee



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