Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mattel Ghostbusters Jillian Holtzmann!

The movie's probably already out of theaters and on its way to home video by now, but look! It's a Ghostbuster action figure. And it's a lady?

I'm not sure what it is about Jillian Holtzmann, Kate McKinnon's character from the Ghostbusters remake, but I knew I had to own a plastic copy of her as soon as it was available. Then I heard she was short packed, and people were paying exorbitant prices for her on eBay and Amazon. Lucky me, I found Jillian and her teammates hanging on the pegs on a random trip to Walmart.  I completely forgot what I actually went to the store to pick up, and took Jillian home to meet my parents other figures. As you can see, Greedo was instantly infatuated, despite my warnings for  him to stay back. Sure he may be an alien, but that might be as bad as him being a ghost to Jillian.

Out of the box, Jillian's a fine looking figure. The plastic feels a bit soft, almost like an upscaled 25th anniversary G.I. Joe figure. But, the suit looks great, with its sculpted folds and wrinkles, and all the paint is where it's supposed to be. My Jillian has a bit of a wonky eye, but nothing too serious. Really, it just adds to her charm. All the Ghostbusters come with mostly neutral expressions on their faces, but from some angles Holtzmann looks like she caught the scent of a Class 5 floating vapor.

A Ghostbuster can't bust ghosts without a proton pack, and Holtzmann is sporting a nicely detailed one on her back. It's molded as one piece, and is mostly unpainted, save for a few buttons. The neutrino wand is made of a softer plastic, and has painted handgrips. It's a far cry from the featureless packs from the Kenner figures of old. The pack looks like it can come off, but I wouldn't attempt it. I have a feeling you'd break the straps, or one of Holtzmann's arms if you tried.

Thanks to her articulation, Holtzmann can pull off a great "bustin" pose. She looks like she's about to blast Greedo, Squirrelanoid and Zullbeast into oblivion. Unfortunately, that's basically the only pose that works. It's not that she isn't well articulated, she is. It's just that Holtzmann doesn't really come with any other gear, so the only meaningful thing she can do is aim her neutrino wand. It would have been nice if she came with her proton pistols, or any of the other ghostbustin' devices she invented in the film. Still, Holtzmann looks great hanging out on my desk, waiting to blast any specters that might try to haunt my office.

As nice of a figure as Holtzmann is, I don't really consider her an action figure. Stick with me, I promise I have a point. Along with the mini-figures and the little slimed figures, Mattel released three of the ghosts from the film. Each of the ghosts had a light-up action feature, and just look like cool toys. But then you have these highly articulated figures of the new and original Ghostbusters teams, and they just seem out of place compared to the ghost baddies. I almost think Mattel would have been better off going with their DC Multiverse scale for the actual Ghostbusters. Then we could have had an in-scale Ecto-1, or maybe they could have included some snap on beams or a light-up feature for the proton packs. I feel like they need something  to make them feel more like toys, something bright and loud to bring in the kids. Sadly, I don't think the movie did well enough to warrant a release of "Fright Features" figures with gaping mouths and bulging eyes, and that truly is a shame.

I guess there's always hope for some cartoon figures though.


  1. Awe man,you bought the figures!How could you ,man those aren't the true Ghostbusters!No way man!!! STAY AWAY LADY GHOSTBUSTERS,STAY AWAY!!!!

    I'm just kidding :) She looks pretty cool!I haven't seen It,but It turns out the film wasn't that bad.I hardly ever go to the movies so I'll be waiting for this to hit Redbox or Netflix.

    1. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the new flick. Sure, it's different from the original, but I still found myself laughing through most of it. It's definitely one I'll be picking up when it's released.

      As for the figures, Mattel missed soooo many opportunities with this line. There were so many ghosts that they could have made figures of, but it doesn't seem like they were all in. Here's hoping they'll be producing more in the future.

    2. They should have gone the 3 3/4 route ala Kenner.

  2. Chris, you agree with me!! When I said the new ghostbusters movie was a missed oportunity it was not because the movie was bad or good, it was because it isn't popular enough to give us lots of merchandise and fan communities. If a movie isn't a big hit, its toys are never sell in other countries (like PerĂº). I would love to have the new ghostbusters action figures! I don't care about the movies, I just want companies throw more toys at my face, shut up and take my money!!!
    D: D: D: D: D:

    1. Sadly, I think Mattel was too focused on producing more figures for Batman V. Superman to worry much about the Ghostbusters figures. Hell, the store near me didn't even have a peg space for the ghost figures. Just the Ghostbusters.

      I'm just hoping that the failure of the movie doesn't mean they aren't going to produce the animated series anymore.


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