Thursday, February 18, 2016

Zero Lives Remaining: A mini review and a giveaway

Late one night, I was browsing through Twitter, and I came across a tweet for a book called Zero Lives Remaining by Adam Cesare. Usually I would ignore what was basically an ad, but the book's description intrigued me. A horror story set in an arcade? Sounds like fun to me. And a lot of fun it was.

Our story begins in 1989, with the end of Robby Asaro. Robby's a 38 year old maestro of the frozen pizza, that falls victim to his pizza oven. But rather unexpectedly, Robby's ghost makes it's home in the games populating Funcave's game rooms. He spends the next twenty years keeping the arcade alive, and watching over the patrons. Robby was happy with his place in life when he died, and he's happy with his place in the world now. Then one night, Robby steps in to protect one of his favorite players, and sets off a chain reaction that may mean the end for everyone in the arcade. And there are no extra lives, and no continues.

Adam Cesare does a great job of pushing all the right nostalgia buttons. As I turned the pages of Zero Lives Remaining, I could almost smell the pizza grease and hear the din of dozens of arcade games. My times in an actual arcade have been few, but Adam's words brought back memories of blowing quarters on Ikari Warriors and Double Dragon, quickly burning through that week's allowance. Don't let your mind dwell too much on the warm, fuzzy feelings though, because once the action gets started, it doesn't stop. It will hit you like lightning bolt, and leave you smoldering in the parking lot.

If it isn't already obvious, I really enjoyed Zero Lives Remaining. It's a very quick read, and if I had one complaint, that would be it. Like a fun movie, or a delicious meal, it's over way too fast. But, like any good 80's horror flick, it's gory, it's creepy, and it has a high body count, all with a generous helping of cheese.

I liked this book so much, that I'd like to give someone else the chance to enjoy it. All you have to do, is go to the giveaway post on my Instagram account (which will be posted shortly after I post this), and leave a comment telling me your favorite arcade game or horror movie. You can like the post all you want, but that won't count. Feel free to regram or tag people if you want, but only folks who leave a comment with their favorite arcade game or horror movie will be eligible. That's all there is to it!

Good luck, and make sure to keep those quarters ready!


  1. I saw this book cover somewhere and totally thought it was an 80's movie poster! I definitely wanna check this out!

    1. I think that's what drew me to the book. It reminded me of the times I would spend browsing among the horror movies at the video rental store.

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