Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kid Connection Dinosaur Play Set

Growing up, I was all about getting the most toy for my dollar. Why would I spend $4 on a WWF figure that didn't have any articulation or accessories, when I could get a G.I. Joe that came with a butt load of pieces for $2.99? Honestly, I think that's one of the main reasons why I loved Lego sets so much. "Look at how many pieces I got for $7.95!" I guess what I'm trying to say is, if I saw a 14 piece Dinosaur Play Set for $4.99 as a 7 year old, I would have grabbed it and not let go until I was back at home. Hell, that's pretty much what happened today.

So, what do you get for less than the price of a McDonald's combo? Well, scroll down and find out.

A lot of these sets pad our their parts count by including the figure's weapons and accessories. Since this set also includes a sick off-road vehicle, I'm willing to overlook that.

While we're on the topic of the vehicle, I have to admit I'm rather impressed. Normally you could expect to pay at least $5 for the car on its own. The wheels kinda roll freely, and it even includes a noose for catching dinosaurs. It even feels pretty sturdy, though I would be reluctant to go launching it off the top of the staircase. Sure, it's lacking in detail, and the dash gauges consists of a sticker that already looks like its peeling off. But if you average it out, you're only paying $.35 for the jeep, or half the price of a vending machine sticker.

Next up we have the dinosaur segment of the "Dinosaur Play Set". Whereas the car was pretty simple and plain, the raptor here is just packed with detail. He has some nice stripes coming down from his back, and his underbelly has a bit of a whitewash, giving him some counter shading. His tongue and teeth are fully painted as well. If I could have a couple of nitpicks, it's that the raptor's legs are way too short compared to its arms. It's also kinda stuck in one pose, so you have to set it up just right, or the damn thing will keep falling over.

The raptor also comes with a light and sound feature. Pulling down on his left arm makes him emit a loud scream and his mouth lights up. I've never known a raptor to breathe fire, but perhaps he's one of Godzilla's distant cousins. Interesting note, every time you pull down his left arm, his scream restarts. Theoretically, you could make him do some sort of dino rap. Or, you could watch as he gets flung out  the window, because people around you couldn't take any more of his incessant screaming.

Last we have our intrepid adventurer. The packaging doesn't give him a name, so I'm going to call him...Professor Grant Alan. The figure doesn't have any paint apps beyond his eyes and eyebrows. I guess you could technically count his hat, since his whole head is one flesh molded piece. That may have looked a bit odd if they'd left it unpainted though. Professor Alan might not have many paint apps, but he does have working knees and elbows, a rarity among these cheap figures. He's a pretty solid dude, and I'm not just talking about those arms. It does kinda look like the Prof. has been hitting the weights more than he's been hitting the books. Or he's been reading some really heavy literature.

Professor Grant Alan comes with a buttload of accessories to aid him in his hunt for the deadly raptor. While I'm on the topic of accessories, the package claims there are 14 pieces in this set. That count includes the plastic "case" that holds all the weapons and tools together. Once you cut everything loose, it really doesn't serve a purpose. It's just an empty plastic rectangle. I guess you could use it as a door, or a large picture frame, but Professor Alan doesn't look like the art appreciation type.

Grant Alan's kit includes everything he needs to be a successful dino hunter. He has his heavy and expensive binoculars, allowing him to spot the damn dirty raptors before they can get the drop on him. He also wears a backpack with a built in grappling hook, allowing him to quickly escape if he doesn't see that dinosaur sneaking up from behind.

Since you never know if you'll have to dig through rock or soil, it's a good idea to bring a shovel and a pickax.  Since he's a real man, Professor Alan prefers to wield both at the same time. He's quite the gardener.

Rarely does the jungle just let you pass through, so sometimes you have to force your way out. And there's no better way to make a path through weeds and vines than with a big ass machete. Professor Alan also brings along a big ass Bowie knife, just in case he comes across any unsuspecting dinosaurs or wild pigs. As they say, a bloody machete makes for a messy shirt.

It gets dark in the jungle. Real dark. So you need to make sure you bring some form of light with you.  Prof. Alan brought his flashlight and a lantern, because you never know when you're about to step in some dino crap. There's nothing worse than trudging blindly through a forest and stepping in a large pile of dino crap.

Actually, getting turned into dino crap is worse, so make sure you look behind yourself every now and then.

All that trekking makes a man thirsty, so it's essential to carry a canteen with you. Most people carry water, but Professor Grant Alan prefers Mad Dog 20/20. Partially because people are less likely to ask for a sip, but mainly because he's a bit of an alcoholic.

In case you were all wondering how well the figure fit in the car, the answer is not very. His feet are just a little too far apart for him to squeeze in there all the way. That's fine though. Professor Alan will just steer with his shins, while he enjoys some nice warm Mad Dog from his canteen.

As for the noose, well, it fits around the raptor's head, so I guess that technically counts as "captured". It looks more like it accidentally wandered into it while the Professor was "sleeping it off".

If the noose snaps and/or the truck ends up smashing into a tree, Professor Alan has one last trick up his sleeve: a big freakin' claw. You can see the fear in the raptor's eyes as it backs away in terror. Or, the anger as it prepares to charge, it's kind of hard to tell really. Dinosaur faces aren't easy to read.

While those two are hashing things out, I figured I would see just who else would fit in Professor Grant Alan's truck.

Ellors Madak looks like he belongs in there. However, knowing how much he likes to drink, he really has no business behind the wheel.

It's a long way away from Metalface's usual ride, but it's hard to maintain a large piece of construction equipment when you can barely steal enough money to keep it fueled up. He has a little more trouble reaching the steering wheel, but he's sure he can play it off.

Snake Eyes looks like he's ready to go cruising on the beach with some hotties, such as Covergirl or Lady Jaye. He just better hope Flint or Duke don't find out..

IG-88 fits perfectly, as long as you don't mind his head sticking out above the roof. I doubt he cares, emotionless killing machine that he is.

Batman has a bit of a height issue as well, I blame it on the rubber suit. It's hard to get into tight places when you're wearing that thing.

Yoda is another that fit with room to spare. Originally I was going to say that this wouldn't work, but then I remember he's a Jedi master. He doesn't have to touch the steering wheel or the pedals.


Squirrelanoid was going to try, but he kept getting caught in the noose. It's probably for the best, since he can't drive anyway.

Now you see how much fun you can have for five hundred measly pennies. So, the next time you're in Walmart, and you have a Lincoln burning a hole in your pocket, go pick yourself up a Dinosaur Play Set.


  1. that jeep looks so familiar , I nearly possessive that it was used someplace else.

    1. I thought the same thing too, but I can't figure it out. It looks a lot like the G.I. Joe Desert Fox, at least in the front. I'll have to look through some old Jurassic Park toys to see if it matches with any of them.

  2. You've succeeded In making the "Kid Connection" - insert 80's studio audience "aaaawe" here.

    In all seriousness,great post , Chris.The accessories look great with the figure and do a good job of breaking up the lack of paint apps.As a kid I would have had countless adventures with that set.A frugal ,kick ass pick up.

    1. Thanks buddy. I'm amazed they were able to provide so much for just $5. I think this set is actually cheaper now than it would have been when I was growing up. It's a ton of fun, and I kinda wish I'd paid attention to some of the earlier sets now.

      I also wish we got the real Chap Mei stuff around here. Now those are some awesome looking toys.

  3. I would have been all over this set as a kid!

    1. I'm all over it now. I really want some of the actual Chap Mei sets.

  4. Pretty cool Chris i dig it! For Chap Mei sets check your Toys R' Us in there Animal Planet section there are some super fun Chap Mei like sets to be found there also if you have a Ollie's nearby you can sometimes find Chap Mei there.

    1. Thanks for the info John. There is a TRU, but it's pretty far away from me. I'll check out their website though. Maybe they'll carry some on there.

  5. Mighty bargain of a set! Looks like you got your dollar's worth just taking the photos for this post...

    The picture of Ellors Madak made me genuinely lol when I scrolled down to that. He looks remarkably comfortable behind the wheel!

  6. This set almost look like a Chap Mei set. Mr. Alan only need some painting to achieve Chap Mei quality! :D

    1. It's funny, but when I saw that guy, I couldn't help but think of your bootleg Alan Grant!

  7. Ahh, my repainted Alan Grant, he he, I'm happy you remember him!! :D He is in fact an Eddie Carr, I bought him in late 90s, when bootleg figures were made of decent plastic.
    The sculp of this set is also pretty decent. I love Mr. Grant Alan got articulated elbows and knees, sadly, the dinosaur is not articulated.

    1. The dinosaur has some articulation, but other than the arm that activates its action feature, it's really unnecessary. You can't really do much without him falling over.

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks buddy! I keep kicking myself for not picking up some of the earlier sets.


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