Monday, July 13, 2015

Who ya gonna call? The Real Ghostbusters Egon!

The Real Ghostbusters toys caught me completely by surprise. One Saturday morning, I walked down the toy aisle in Rose's and there they were. Peter, Ray, Egon, Winston and Stay Puft were all hanging there on the shelves, just waiting to go home with me. After a few moments of indecision, I decided to go with my favorite Ghostbuster, Egon.

I'm not sure why I preferred Egon to all the other 'busters. Maybe it was the hair, or perhaps it was because he was the strange one, just like me. I didn't even realize these figures were based on the cartoon versions of the characters. I'm not even sure I knew there was a Ghostbusters cartoon at this point. I just knew that they came with ghosts and a backpack that shot lasers. That was enough for me. The figures all had the same 5 points of articulation, so they're not very poseable, nor do they really need to be. All they have to be able to do is stand there and shoot ghosts with proton beams, and they do that very well. Less articulation also meant it was a lot easier to clean Ecto-Plasm off of them after they had been slimed. And they got slimed a lot. 

Each of the Ghostbusters came with a proton pack that could be attached to their back, as well as a neutrona blaster that could be holstered on the side. Sadly, the wand was broken off the neutrona blaster on this figure, but the proton beam is still intact. Odd, because every other figure I've seen on eBay is the complete opposite. I must have been lucky as a child, because I never managed to break my Egon's proton beam. It was still in one piece up until the day it was given away. 

The idea was that you would use the wand on the back of the neutrona blaster to twirl the proton beam. It's a simple effect, but a neat one. If they made the same figures today, the proton pack would probably require some of those little watch batteries, and would spin around at 4,000 RPM. Oh, and it would probably light up too. And make noise. Shit, that actually sounds pretty awesome. I need to get to work on that. 

 I used to hate it when there were more variations of the hero, and only a couple villains in the whole line. I'm looking at you, Batman..That was never a problem with The Real Ghostbusters, because all of the variants came with their own ghost to fight. Imagine if every G.I. Joe figure came with a Cobra Trooper. It's kind of like that.

Egon's spook was this little yellow guy named Gulper Ghost. He slides down over Egon's head and..gulps him, I guess. Gulper doesn't do much, but he was always my favorite of the mini ghosts. It's mainly because he worked as a Slimer stand-in. Sometimes I would stick him on the end of a flashlight and run around the house pretending he was haunting the place.The dog used to hate when I did that. That's probably why he ended up chewing off Gulper Ghost's hands when it was left on the floor.

This mold, along with the other three Ghostbusters from the first wave, were reused a few more times during the toy lines production. Even though the Ecto Glow and Slimed variants are arguably superior versions of these figures, I still prefer the plain ol' Ghostbusters.

I wouldn't have complained if they had light up spinning proton beams though. 
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