Saturday, May 9, 2015

Lost lightsaber? Time for an upgrade Obi Wan!

You know how it goes. You're just sneaking around on a Death Star, minding your own business, when a powerful Sith Lord challenges you to a lightsaber duel.

You figure, "Hey, that's no big deal. I'm a Jedi Knight. I'm a lightsaber master! Besides, this dude's saber is missing its tip".

Then, as you go to defend yourself, you realize that you lost your lightsaber at some point within the last 36 years. You curse the careless child that lost your weapon. You're not even sure how he lost it, since it's nearly impossible to remove the damn thing without using the Force.

As you lay there, Darth Vader gloats about how his owner was much more careful with his toys. Sure, his lightsaber was broken, but then everyone broke off the tip. The real shame was in a Jedi figure losing his only weapon.

Are you tired of having an empty tube in your right hand? Are you sick of pretending your Luke, Obi Wan, or Darth Vader are actually holding small blasters? Well, scroll down, and I'll show you how to make your vintage Jedis even better for just a few cents.

These are the materials that you'll need; a toothpick and something with which to cut it. It doesn't have to be a round toothpick, but I find they tend to fit better. Also, if you don't have colored toothpicks, plain will work fine. You can just use a marker, and make it any hue that you like.

Next, just cut one of the pointy ends off the toothpick, and check it for fit inside the lightsaber handle. If it doesn't want to go in, don't force it. You might have to shave a little off the sides. This one stopped right about the end of the handle. If you are doing this for a child, it's probably a good idea to cut the point off the other end too. It's still pokey, but it should take a bit more effort for someone to jab an eye out.

With the new and improved lightsaber, that first Star Wars movie might go just a bit differently now. The best part, if you managed to break it, there's no need to go on eBay and spend a small fortune for another one. Just raid the box of toothpicks in the kitchen, and you're ready to go again. See what happens when you're owned by careful kids, Vader? You don't get any impromptu upgrades.

Oh, and you also don't get to hold the hors d'oeuvres at the fancy dinner parties.
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