Sunday, May 24, 2015

Krispy Kreme Glazed Key Lime Pie

My original intention was to post a lot more Star Wars stuff this month, but work and life have sort of taken the lead right now. So, in a fit of desperation, I'm tossing in random snack foods. In a bid to keep it somewhat Star Wars related, I've enlisted Greedo, the green skinned bounty hunter himself, to give me a hand.

One could be forgiven for thinking that Hostess is the only company in the fruit pie game. I'm not sure how long Krispy Kreme has been in the sealed pie business, but I bet they've never had any advertisements in old comic books. I'm not saying they're in any way inferior, but sometimes having better marketing helps. They do have one advantage over the Hostess varieties though, in that they actually come packed in a box, rather than a flimsy paper wrapper. So, if you're like me, and manage to drop it a couple of times between the shelf and the register, you can be reassured that the pie's crust will maintain its integrity.

Speaking of the box, I always love the way companies portray key limes in their artwork. They almost look appetizing, like a green orange. By the way, did you know that key limes are different from the regular limes you can buy in grocery stores? They tend to be a little smaller and rounder, so don't go thinking you can make some pie with any old limes. Also, Key Lime pie isn't supposed to be green, and is always made with sweet condensed milk, not regular milk. I'm sure there have been wars started in retirement communities because Aunt Mildred added a little green food coloring to her pie. I'm guessing Key West probably isn't the target market for Krispy Kreme's version, what with the greenish tinted cream and all.

That's enough about the box. Let's see what this thing tastes like.

Everyone must use a standard fruit pie mold, because they look exactly like the Hostess fruit pies. Most flavors don't have any distinguishing characteristics, which means Hostess and Krispy Kreme are missing a golden opportunity by not releasing "Mystery Flavor" varieties. And just forget about trying to figure out the flavor through smell. I'm not sure what goes into these crusts, but they are completely scent proof. I damn near had this one shoved in my nostril, and still couldn't detect even a hint of Key Lime. If you ever need to break out of prison, keep some of this crust handy. The dogs will never be able to track you.

Taking a bite, I was surprised at how colorless the fruit filling was. The box led me to believe that it was going to be a pleasant shade of green. Instead, it looked like they forgot to add the food coloring. I know, I just said Key Lime Pies aren't supposed to be green, but anything is better than clear. Still, the flavor isn't too bad, even if it is a bit subdued. It's not quite as tart or sweet as a real pie. Like the Hostess Lemon Pie I ate all those days ago, it's actually rather bland. Unlike the Hostess pies though, this thing was packed full of filling. Every bite was full of not quite Key Lime goodness. Greedo was a bit disappointed by the lack of green, but he was pleased by the flavor. They don't get much lime-y goodness in the Star Wars universe, so he was definitely more appreciative than I was.

If you've never ever had a Key Lime Pie, you might appreciate these. Otherwise, stick with Sara Lee for your tart and sweet filled graham cracker crust goodness. 


  1. Greedo is such a foodie. A connoisseur of all things sugar.

    1. I kinda wonder how he stays so thin. All he eats is junk food.

  2. Don't think i would like these Chris lol.

    1. Yeah, I'm not even sure that I like them John. Haha.


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