Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Transformers Universe Powerglide

You guys remember that thing I won? Well here's one of the figures from that really big box.

For the longest time, I really didn't pay attention to the Transformers. A friend of mine had some of the Beast Wars figures, and they were cool, but they didn't really trip my trigger like vehicles that turned into robots. I guess they were just a bit too fiddly for my taste. Likewise with the iterations that followed. I'd have a look at them in the stores, shrug my shoulders and keep moving. Even after Chelsea gave me a Silverstreak one Christmas, I didn't really pay attention to the newer figures.  That one was enough for me. Well, after getting Powerglide, I feel like a right jackass for missing out on the Universe line.

Powerglide here is an Ultra Class figure, which I take to mean he is larger and more complicated than the regular figures. Sliding the tray out of the box, you find Powerglide trapped by the dreaded twisty ties. I counted no less that 2 dozen holding him place. Funny, how I never had any trouble with these things as a child, but they give me so much frustration now. I swear the factory twists them in different directions just to mess with us. Also included was a sheet of instructions for transforming the toy. Trust me, you'll definitely need them the first few times.

Removed from his packaging, Powerglide appears to be what I imagine a Cybertronian A-10 would look like.  Those large engines and that wing profile are unmistakable. Push that big orange button on his back, and he makes several different sounds, like gunfire and jet engine noises. His cockpit and engine exhausts also light up when the button is pushed. His gun fits on the left side of the nose, under the cockpit, and it can be used as a gatling gun or a missile launcher. It's a neat little detail since the A-10 is primarily known for being a flying cannon. It makes sense to be able to recreate that aspect of the design.

Remember those instructions from earlier? Yeah, you're going to need those. I guess the transformation isn't terribly difficult once you know how everything moves and where it goes. That first time though, man. It was hard to resist the temptation to make Powerglide fly for real. It didn't help that it was blowing a gale today, which meant I spent half my time chasing the instruction sheet around the yard. There's a small little button that is activated during the procedure that plays a "transformation" sound. It's a cool little feature, but when you're trying time and time again to get soemthing to go together, and it keeps hitting that button..Let's just say, if by some accident I ended up with children, all toys that make sounds would be banned from the house. Make the noises with your mouth, kid. That's what we did when I was your age.

Once you get him transformed, Powerglide is a rather imposing character. His arms might look a little small, but those engines of his really bulk him up. Speaking of bulk, he actually stands rather well for having so much up top. It's like my boy here has a built in gyroscope. The breeze gave him a little trouble, but then again, I was having a little trouble standing myself. Powerglide even has a decent amount of articulation. Since even the smallest figures seem to have about 20 POA, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

 When Powerglide is in robot form, pushing on the tail section behind his head causes him to make a gunfire noise for as long as the button is held. Like before, his engines light up, along with his eyes. It's a pretty cool sight in the right lighting. I'm sure it must be terrifying to any Decepticons that meet him in a dark alley.The great thing is that the batteries can be changed out. I'll be able to annoy Chelsea and the dogs for as long as they make AAA batteries. Here you can see I've switched the gun around so it can be used as a gatling cannon. It's a shame they weren't able to give that a clicky barrel, or some sort of light up feature. That would have just blown my mind with awesomenessity. That is totally a word.

Hasbro even hid a little "Easter Egg" on his chassis, in the form of a heart under one of his panels. If you're not up on your Transformers cartoon, it's referencing the episode "The Girl Who Loved Powerglide". During that particular episode, Powerglide saves the life of the daughter of a powerful CEO, and ends up falling for her. At one point, he opens up his chest to display a series of lights in the shape of a heart. Sweet, yet a little creepy at the same time. Ahh..the 80's..

Powerglide is a definite win for me. He's big, he's brawny, he has lights and sounds, and he shoots stuff. He's also the only Autobot I know that actually has a heart.
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