Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Toyriffic gift!

If you've been following Eric over at Toyriffic for any amount of time, you've probably noticed his Playmobil custom figures. Some of the pieces come together so well, you would almost think that it was all part of Playmobil's plan. Well, after seeing his Warrior Nun Areala and Battle Angel customs, I figured I would commission a figure for myself. After much begging, pleading, and the promising of my first born, Eric agreed*. Ten minutes later, I received a message: "It is done".

A few days later, I received the newest member of my cadre:

Guy Fale! The slightly incompetent stuntman! Right away, I knew he was going to be fun. Whenever I needed to drive somewhere, he would make me take him along. Of course, he didn't want to ride in the passenger seat, oh no. He liked to feel the frigid air blasting around his helmet as he hung on to my antenna.

Alright! Let's go!

He tried riding on the roof once, but that didn't work out so well. Sorry, but I refuse to start my car unless everyone is either belted in, or at least holding on really tight.

Don't be a pansy! I'm not going anywhere!
After that, the stunts started getting a little more crazy and dangerous. After just barely escaping from the Swirling Whirlpool of Darkness in the White Throne of Death, Guy decided to try his luck at jumping through the Spinning Blades of Rheem.

Pssh! They aren't spinning THAT fast!
Unfortunately for Guy Fale, this little stunt laid him up in a full body cast for a few days. But hey, he got to lay around watching tv and eating junk food all day, so it's not all bad right?

Haha! He WAS the father!
Once he was feeling better, Guy started causing trouble again. This time it was among his fellow toys. He was particularly fond of picking on Squirrelanoid. I'm not sure why that seemed like a good idea to him. I should think that any sane person would do their best to avoid a gigantic, mutant, psycho squirrel.

Ever a show off, Guy Fale decided to put on an exhibition match between the Squirrelanoid and him. In the land of bad ideas, this one would be king. Squirrelanoid is always looking for an opportunity to tear into someone, or tear them apart. Regardless, posters were hung, TV ads were run, and tickets were sold. It wasn't exactly a packed house, but they were still plenty loud.

No sooner had the ref lowered his arm, than Squirrealanoid had Guy up in the air. It was obvious the stuntman was in way over his head, and he needed to think quickly in order to get out of the crazy rodent's grasp..

Too late. In a flurry of movment, Guy Fale's parts were strewn all over the ring. Even Robocop turned away in disgust, as Boba Fett stared silently at the loose head laying in front of him. Silver Streak proved to me that even a Tranformer can toss his cookies.

Once the crowd left, and Squirrelanoid got bored chewing on Guy's various pieces, another figure entered the ring, though this one seemed to have a different purpose..

It's Stunt Zombie! But, what is he doing here?

Oh no! Not again! He's created Stunt Zombie 2.0! He's bigger, meaner, and stronger than the original. And don't be fooled by that smile on his face. He's out for one thing, and one thing only..

He's out for revenge!

I want to send a huge thank you out to Eric for the custom Playmobil Stunt Zombie. He's always been generous to a fault, and is just a genuinely cool guy to know. I wouldn't hesitate to call him a friend. If you didn't click the links to his site I posted earlier, then what the hell is wrong with you? Last chance, go check out Toyriffic or I'll send the Stunt Zombies to terrorize you!


  1. Awesome! I can't wait to see what trouble Stunt Zombie 2.0 gets up to now!

  2. That was some bit of story tellin'!Ive been a fan of Eric at Toyriffic for a while now.Seems like a cool cat ;)Love the custom SZ!

    1. Yeah, that Eric fella isn't too bad once you get to know him ;).

  3. Am loving the new Stunt Zombie Chris! Can't wait to see more of this guy in action.

    1. Thanks John! I can only take credit for the name. The rest was all Eric.

      I'm sure we'll see more of this guy and his shenanigans.

  4. OMG! Guy Fale spent WEEKS unable to move and just watching TV and eating junk food???? THAT is the reason he got that "Stupidity Moment" and decided to annoy Squirrelanoid!!!

    Remember kids: TV and junk food must be consumed in extremely moderate quantities :)

    BTW, Stunt Zombie 2.0 is COOL!!

    1. Yeah, I have to admit, boredom has caused me to do a few stupid things myself. Granted, none of them were "attack a giant, mutated squirrel and get turned into a zombie."

    2. Boredom lead me to do such things in the past (Who can blame Guy?). Happily, I didn't get hurt or torn apart (shame on you, Guy!)!
      Does Bob know there's another Stunt Zombie in town?


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