Monday, January 12, 2015

Transformers G1 Triggerbots Override

I only ever saw the Transformers cartoon on a couple of occasions, so all my knowledge of them was based on TV commercials and the bio cards on the back of the toys. Of course, I rarely read or kept the bio cards, meaning most of the story lines I came up with were decidedly non-canon. Still, I like to think I did pretty well by the characters. I certainly knew Optimus Prime was a good guy and the Autobot leader, and it was pretty easy to see Soundwave was his enemy. So what if they sometimes worked together? It's not like Hasbro was going to come take the toys back from me.

So, my lack of knowledge of the backstory wasn't a problem. No, my main issue with the toys was that they were damn expensive compared to other action figures. Sure, I could get a car that turns into a robot and comes with a dozen weapons for $10.99, but I could also buy three different G.I. Joe figures for the same price. Thankfully, Hasbro realized this and released several smaller figures for those of us with a limited allowance.

Override was released in 1988 as part of a group of Transformers called the Triggerbots. They were smaller figures with spring action weapons that would fly out when you pushed their buttons.  He's actually the only one from that subcategory that I ever owned. I was never too concerned about getting whole teams, unless we're talking about the TMNT.  Otherwise, I would always pick and choose my favorites from each group.

I can still remember seeing Override in Roses, hanging up on the pegs. I think it was his color scheme that initially caught my eye. That bright blue and red had to remind me of Superman, my favorite superhero at the time. Maybe it was just the fact he was a bad-ass looking motorcycle. Override was always one of my favorite Autobot figures. Even when I wasn't playing with him, he had a place of honor up on my TV shelf. I just liked to sit there and look at him. Not even Power Master Optimus Prime got that honor.

As you can see, Override's transformation is damn simple. A pull here, a couple of twists there, and BLAMMO! Time to roll out. He only has two points of articulation, one for each shoulder. Honestly, that's no worse than a great many of the larger Transformer figures released around the same time. The main difference is Override only cost a fraction of their prices.  He comes with no weapons or accessories, though you'll see why in a second...

With just a push of those little blue buttons on the sides of his arms, his particle beam cannons come flying out. I always thought they were rather impressive, especially with their shiny chrome plating. Even with their age, they still flip out with authority into his waiting fists. Of course, this is where you'll see the most wear on this guy. I got lucky when I stumbled across this one floating in the eBay.
After seeing pictures of the other toys in the Triggerbot and Triggercon series,  Override is definitely my favorite. He's the only one that actually looks like he's holding his cannons. Everyone else's weapons look like they were added as an afterthought. He's also the only motorcycle among the race cars, 4X4's, and jets.

Override has sort of an alternate mode, where you can also flip his cannons out when he's a motorcycle. Now he can kick Decepticon ass in either form. I really do love the spring loaded cannons. If there was one thing I hated, it was losing an action figure's accessories. Losing even the smallest part was enough for me to banish a toy from the "Favorites" box to the toy bin. With Override, that was never a concern, since his guns were already built in.

At some point, I discovered that Override had a secret form not mentioned in any of his instructions or on his bio. He can also be turned into a double barreled particle beam handgun! Sometimes, when he wasn't being my little robot buddy, Override would be my primary sidearm on my numerous special missions.

Okay, so it requires a little stretching of the imagination, but it also meant I was stretching out the four dollars I spent on him. When you only get a few dollars a week for your allowance, you really want to make sure you get your money's worth.

If you want to see the rest of the Triggerbots and Triggercons, you should definitely check out Brr-Icy's Transformers Reviews. Actually, you should just check out his blog for his beautiful pictures of his amazing Transformers collection.

Oh, and I found one more use for Override: Autobot Ninja Transport!


  1. Override was my favorite of the Triggerbots too. I'm glad you mentioned your memories of Roses as I too scored a lot of sweet G1 toys from Roses. That's a store I don't see/hear mentioned very often!

    I recently discovered a very cool, differently colored KO of Override. I need to get off my butt and get him photographed and reviewed for my blog soon.

    1. I'm still amazed at how many toys Roses was able to cram into the aisles at the store near me. There were maybe three or four aisles total, and they were all full. It's sad to see the state they're in now.

      I'm looking forward to seeing that KO. I don't think I've come across that one yet.

  2. We used to get a lot of non-bootleg transforming robots through Woolworth's...i don't think we had a Roses in our area by the time i was buying toys.

  3. For some reason, I think most of the bootlegs I had came from the Five and Dime store. I don't remember seeing any at Roses or Ames.

  4. And people bash the GoBots for being cheap and cheesy! ;)

    I never did own any Triggerbots. They came out when I had stopped collecting Transformers, right before I started in on my Batman binge (that has now lasted 25 years or so.)

    1. I thought being cheap and cheesy was part of the Gobots charm?;) Still, this guy definitely feels sturdier than any of the Gobots I used to own. They seemed to get pretty loose rather quickly.

  5. No,Chris.Cheap and Cheesy Is part of Little Ceaser's charm ;)


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