Saturday, March 1, 2014

03/01/2014- The Battle of The Carpet

It was the first of March. It was a cold, cold day, and the Tim Mee Battalion knew that this was possibly their last mission. Traveling the Carpet was rough going. Standing was difficult; walking nearly impossible. Finally, after days of trudging through the shaggy environment, they spotted their target:

The Zoids Sabre Tiger:

This particular one had been terrorizing the neighboring cities and towns for weeks, and they finally had the capability to strike back. He had lost most of his weaponry, but he was still a formidable foe. The Sabre Tiger's laser cannon eyes and tremendously powerful jaws were all he needed to lay waste to any obstacle that got in his way.

"Everybody form up!" yelled Captain Vader. "This is our last chance to take out this mechanical menace"! The troops quickly got into formation, laser rifles and atomic bazookas ready to unleash hell upon the robotic terror.

Vader stared steely eyed at the thing that had caused so much death and destruction. He was going to end its reign of terror if it meant ripping out Sabre Tiger's mechanical guts with his bare hands. 

Sabre Tiger let out a roar of defiance. There was no way he was going to let these soft little things stop him. He would stomp, blast, and chew until the noisy creatures were nothing but puddles of grease.His enemies would keep his gears running smoothly, and keep his shell nice and shiny. Sabre Tiger smiled to himself as he thought of this. The humans' precious fluids would keep him looking his best as he tore apart their world. 

Suddenly, Sabre Tiger charged, his fangs glistening in the sunlight as his powerful claws tear at the ground. 

"I'm outta here!" yelled the aptly named Pvt. Coward. "There's no way we can win against this thing"! Capt. Vader stared as the frightened soldier disappeared into the distance. "May you live a long life", he muttered to himself. 

"Anyone else want to leave?", Vader asked. No one else dared to move from their position. "Good! Then let's destroy this overgrown tin can"!  Lasers started pouring in from both sides. The smell of ozone was thick in the air, as overheated rifles poured gigawatt upon gigawatt at the mechanical feline. The sound of a helicopter overhead was reassuring. At least it meant the battalion had machines on their side as well. 

"Halfcocked", as he was called by his friends, leaned out the side door of the helicopter and aimed his rifle at the roaring Sabre Tiger. His weapon could boil the water in a swimming pool in a matter of minutes, but it also meant it would melt down if pushed too hard. Halfcocked fired laser after laser at the Zoid, ignoring the warning lights on the side of his blaster. Finally, he gave in and switched the rifle to cooling mode, watching as smoke poured from the barrel. If he was lucky, he would be able to get back in the fight quickly. Otherwise, he would be forced to watch helplessly from the air. 

The casualties came quickly. Linus and Schroeder moved too far forward, and were quickly set upon by Sabre Tiger. Linus poured lasers down Sabre's throat as the tiger's powerful jaws closed over him. Schroeder smiled slightly as the tiger's heavy mechanical paw came down on him. "It looks like Linus won't get that $50 I lost to him in poker after all". That Schroeder, always looking on the bright side of things..

Vader watched as his men fell to the beast's laser eyes. Joe, one of his best atomic bazookamen, had scored a vital hit on Sabre Tiger, but was quickly felled by a swath of white hot energy. The situation had seemed hopeless at first, but things were starting to look up. The machine was starting to get a little slower, and smoke was starting to pour out from behind his body panels. 

"Broadcast, call in the reinforcement," Vader yelled to his operator. The Sabre Tiger was visibly weaker, but he had lost too many men. They were running out of time and soldiers, and needed to end this quickly.

Suddenly, flashes of green appeared on the battlefield. The 99th Boarders Battalion appeared on their laser powered battle boards. 

"Whoa, dudes! Glad to see you saved some action for us"! Brady may have seemed lazy off the battlefield, but when it was time to fight, he was quick to go into action.  Vader's troops cheered the boarders on, as they flew toward Sabre Tiger.

The high energy blades on their boards sliced open hoses and snapped cables controlling the monster's limbs. Sadly, one of them got too cocky, and was snatched out of the air by Sabre Tiger's jaws. The other boarders renewed their efforts, cutting open panels, and attacking his gears and motors. More smoke poured from the cracks in his paneling, and the beast's eyes were starting to dim.

"Advance up! Concentrate fire on his head"! What was left of Vader's force moved in, focusing their fire on Sabre's open maw, watching as his movements slowed. Sabre Tiger's legs froze, and the beast started to topple over. 

Vader clambered on top of the fallen machine and fired blast after blast at its head. He didn't stop until the tiger's eyes went dark, and the last motor stopped whirring. At long last, victory! It had come at a horrible cost, but they could rest easy, now that the great Sabre Tiger had finally fallen.

"Broadcast, make a call to base, and tell them to get the ovens warmed up. Pizza's on me tonight men"! As he watched his men cheer, Captain Vader swore he could already smell the scent of pepperoni and cheese wafting over the battlefield. 

Special thanks goes to Eric of Toyriffic, for all the items in this post. I'll go into more detail on the included items in later posts, but until then, it's pizza time!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Eric. It was fun just taking the pictures.

  2. Vadar? Does he somehow lose parts of himself in a future episode then get cybernetic parts attached to him?

    1. Why, I have no idea what you're talking about..;-)

  3. OMG a battle on a carpet! When I was a kid I used to hate carpets because toy figures tend to fall down (Standng is difficult!!)

    1. It's funny you mention that. As I was trying to keep the soldiers standing up, I realized why they usually came with a play mat as well. They do not like to stand in shaggy carpet.

    2. I have some toy insects that came with a mat too, but I lost the mat, so I just have the insects.
      Carpets hate toys. Happily, my bedroom has no carpet :D

  4. So when I ask you to help me with dinner and you say you're too busy can I assume this is what you're doing?

  5. Sweet battle man! Vader's troops were perfectly camouflaged in that sunburst carpet. We have a nice shaggy green carpet at home. Moss Man loves it!

    Will there be any future battles?


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