Friday, February 21, 2014

February random stuff post.

I hate that I've only posted a few times these past couple of months, but with work picking up, and just plain not feeling creative lately, I've neglected my duties as Stunt Zombie. It always saddens me when a blog I enjoy just kind of fizzles out, so I made myself promise that I wouldn't go out the same way. When I'm ready to give up, you'll all be the next to know.

-Speaking of blogs shutting down, it looks like Poe Ghostal is going on an indefinite hiatus. I haven't followed Poe for long, but I have to admit I've enjoyed visiting his site these past few months. The strange thing is, I had a feeling this was coming. Any time I start reading a new blog, it seems like they shut down shortly after. X-Entertainment, Eclectorama..yep, those were my fault. Honestly, I don't blame him. If you're not enjoying what you're doing, it's time to take a break or find something else. I look forward to seeing what kinds of projects he has cooking.

-Thanks to this post by Colbey Hooper on Random Toy Reviews, I think I've pretty much solved the last of my toy mysteries. I did a bit more digging on Four Star Toys, and it turns out they made quite a few of the Transformers knockoffs I used to own.

This guy is called Hard Hat, and he was a Devastator knockoff, in that he was also made up of construction equipment that combined to form a large robot. I held on to this thing for years, before the individual robots just started falling apart. It wasn't a bad toy for what it costs. The other one that has been puzzling me for years was this guy:

This one was called Decept-A-Bot, and it was a knockoff of the Godaikan Gardian. It's kind of like the nesting dolls, except with robots. This version only had one robot contained in the shell you see here, but the real one had two robots and a rubber figure contained within the outer shell. I remember this one being pretty fragile, and I don't think it stayed in one piece for very long.

As nice as it is to finally know what these two were, it kinda makes me sad that the internet is taking all the mystery out of the world.

-I'm finding I'm really starting to lose interest in modern toys. The last line of G.I. Joe toys produced by Hasbro was pretty sad really. I find myself missing the bright colors and character of the older figures. Other than Snake Eyes and a few of the other figures, most of them look rather generic. After seeing how little Hasbro cares about the 50th anniversary of their most popular toy line, I'm beginning to think this may be the beginning of the end for our favorite soldiers. As for the Collector's Club, forget that. I don't have enough money to spend nearly $40 per figure, especially when there's no guarantee that I'll like them. I think I might focus on picking up some of the older G.I. Joes I used to own instead. Thankfully, they won't cost me much more than figures that came out 2 or 3 years ago.

-Speaking of wanting crazy amounts for action figures, I was excited to see Mattel was releasing a wave of Super Powers inspired DC figures with modern sculpts. Then I learned they were going to cost around $30 retail....$30, and we don't even get cloth capes for Batman or Superman? No Thank you..

- I was also feeling pretty excited for Funko's ReAction line, but after seeing the trouble they've had with their Game of Throne figures, I'm going to have to wait to see some reviews before I plunk down hard earned money on Snake Plissken or The Goonies.

- I still find myself interested in newer LEGO sets as well as the figures released by Onell Design.  I tend to get a bit intimidated when it comes to using pieces to build my own creations, but it's nice to know the option is there when I decide to stop being a wuss and feel constructive.

-I'm definitely psyched for the Guardians of the Galaxy. I enjoyed most of the Marvel movies, but for the most part, I find they take themselves too seriously. GotG kinda reminds me of A-team, except in space. With a raccoon. And a talking tree. I think it's hard to screw up with that combination.

-I need help spending Amazon money! Between a gift card I received for Christmas, and some points I already had on my card, I have a total of $34.07 to spend on Amazon. The only problem, I can't figure out what the heck I want. That's where you fine folks come in. You've seen what I've written about on here, so I figure I can crowd source my next purchase(s). I'm a Prime member, so that free shipping may come in handy.

I've been tempted by this guy since I first saw him mentioned on Battle Grip, but I'd hate to blow most of my money on one figure.

-I have to give thanks to Eric over at Toyriffic for the care package I recently received from him. It was unsolicited, and his offer to send it was quite unexpected. It was greatly appreciated, and will help give me more to write about. Honestly, with the amount of stuff I've received from Eric and John Gaither of The Clawful Punch over the past couple of years, I probably have enough to write about for the next 10 months.

 I'd like to make it a regular thing, where I pick a couple of blogs that I enjoy reading, and share them with the rest of you. So, who do I want to acknowledge this month? Well, I've already mentioned Eric and John, so I'll have to pick a couple more.

First up, is Kim from Fully Jointed Play Figures. This is what I consider a "feel" good blog. I can't say I've ever seen Kim type a negative word about anything. I think my favorite thing about his blog is seeing his son's enthusiasm whenever he gets a new toy. It gives me hope that not all kids are just interested in apps and video games.

Next up, is Hobgoblin238 from Monster Cafe Saltillo. I might not always agree with him, but you can't fault the man for speaking his mind. He runs a Universal Monsters themed cafe in Mexico, and still manages to find the time to make a blog post almost every day. He's commissioned some amazing WWE and WWF custom playsets as well as custom clothing for many of the figures. Hob's also one of the hardest working commenters out there. If you have a blog, there's a damn good chance he's posted at least one comment on it.

So, that's it for this month's random post. I'm hoping to get a few more posts in before the month ends, so keep your eyes open.


  1. Hey thanks! Yeah I am great with the comments, on the care package front, not so much. If I lived in the states I would particpate a heck of alot more. Gracias for the shout out.

    1. That's the rough part about living outside the States. I know I've had to mail a couple things there from stuff I sold on eBay, and even a small box costs a small fortune. So, comments are just as welcome as care boxes buddy. At least I know I'm not the only reading this stuff:-p.

  2. Hey thanks for the mention buddy means the world to me really and am moving away from a lot of the modern stuff too but not completely because i still will be picking up Masters of the Universe Classics figures here and there and i really like the NECA Predator stuff so there a few those i want still. Myself have been thrilled with my recent quests for Skeleton Warriors and Mighty Max which has really put a spark back in my collecting habits so going classic or vintage is the way to go and i think you should keep pursuing those toys of your childhood. : )

    1. You're very welcome John. I think it definitely helps to have a focus if you're collecting something. Those Mighty Max sets are extremely cool, and yet another toy I didn't appreciate until now.

      I definitely think I'm going to keep going with stuff I used to own. It should prevent me from going crazy with the spending at least. Of course, that doesn't count with gift card money. I'll let myself use that on anything I want. :-D

    2. Chris i just sent you a email via my phone let me know if you get it buddy if not i will send another i have something you might be interested in. : )

  3. Old toys rule, and if you can get into a local groove where you live (a good thrift store, flea market, Craigslist, or you neighbor's attic) you can keep yourself happy and full of blog material for pretty cheap (at least compared to modern $20+ action figures.) It only becomes a problem when you are into toys both old AND new. Like me.

    And thanks for the mention, but damn you for scaring Eclectorama away ;)

    As for your (almost) thirty five bucks - have you seen the newest LEGO Star Wars Microfighters sets? They remind me of the old school Kenner mini-rigs: - the Millennium Falcon is pretty darn cute! There is also a new LEGO Star Wars set with a couple Death Star gunners and Royal Guards:

    I would totally pick all those up myself if I didn't already buy an unplanned larger Star Wars LEGO set I found on clearance at Target (hint: Rancor!)

    1. Well, I started reading your blog over a year ago Eric, and you're still here. I guess I'm not all bad luck :-p.

      I actually check our thrift stores at least once a week, and there's almost never any toys. I have a feeling most of them don't make it to the sales floor. I have been keeping an eye on, and every now and then they have some cool stuff go for cheap on there.

      I have seen those new Micro Fighter sets. They're actually pretty neat, and a quick glance at Amazon shows they've come down in price. Hmm..


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