Sunday, December 8, 2013

League Assignment- Christmas Wish List!

I've been away from the League for a little while, but now I'm back. So, what's this weeks assignment gonna be?

What’s on your Christmas wish list this year? 

I guess I could be a smart ass and just point you to the randomness that is my Amazon wish list, but I think that would just be too easy. I could go with the fantasy wish list, but I think I'm going to keep this one grounded. No, this list is going to be about those things that got away, and I want them back.

1. Super Powers Superman, Hawkman, and Martian Manhunter. 

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The Super Powers line was one of my favorites growing up, and of the ones I owned, these three figures were the ones I loved the most. They were all lost to me way too soon.  My dog chewed up Superman's face and legs, and tore apart my Hawkman. Martian Manhunter lost part of his foot when I made him "fly". I was just tossing him up in the air and catching him, and I happened to miss one time. Though they were all still functional, they were deemed to be broken, and were tossed out. The hardest thing I've ever done was tossing Superman in the trash. Even today, it still makes me want to tear up a little bit.

2. G.I. Joe Thunderclap

I've had a lot of G.I. Joe vehicles over the years, but for some reason, this one was always my favorite. Not only is it a mobile long range cannon, but it is backed up by two tanks. I didn't care that the damn thing wasn't a practical weapon. The shells actually ejected from the cannon's chamber, who cares if it was practical? I'm sure I was probably missing half of the pieces from this one by the time I gave it away.

Oh, and while we're still talking G.I. Joe, I'd also like my second favorite figure, Tunnel Rat, back as well.

Photo from
I lost mine at a relative's house while I was playing on their back deck. He slipped between the cracks of the boards, and that was that. It almost seems fitting that he spent the rest of his days exploring the cool, dark space under that deck.

3. Tiger Electronic Pinball

I'm sure you're going to think I'm crazy for this, but I used to love this game. These things were all the rage amongst us kids that couldn't afford Game Gears or Gameboys. Most of them were nearly impossible to play, since the controls rarely worked right, and the difficulty ramped up pretty damn quick. Electronic Pinball was different though. I learned all of its tricks and secrets, and was able to max out my score and beat the machine. I used to take this game with me on our trips, and it would occupy my mind the entire time. Then one day, it started acting a little funny. The controls didn't work right, and the screen kept blinking on and off. I slid in a new set of batteries, but it didn't help. It had played its last game.

4. Thunder Punch He-Man and Modulok

I don't remember getting many of my Masters of the Universe figures, but for some reason, I still remember tearing into these two. I'm pretty sure I went through He-Man's caps within the first couple of days. Man, I used to love the smell of those caps as they went off. As for Modulok, most of the time I just kept trying to see just how many different creatures I could make from his pieces. I think I lost count at around 200. He rarely had to worry about getting beaten up. He would just sit on the sidelines, changing into different forms while everyone else pounded on each other. These two were given away to my less fortunate neighbor. I guess it was a nice thing to do, even if I was kinda guilted in to doing it by my mom.

I'm sure I could find most of these on e-Bay, but sometimes, it's just nice to wish. I'm sure if I'm meant to have some of this stuff again, it will find its way back to me.

Until then, let's see what some of my fellow League members are wishing for:

Erik Johnson Illustrator wants to take the 1966 Batmobile out for a sexy car wash.

Pop Rewind's Lee and Linz were wishing for SNES and Barbie.

Cool and Collected's Brian is putting out a bounty on a certain bounty hunter.


  1. I think I may have had the Super Powers Batman toy as a kid. Maybe that's why I'm looking to complete the collection by having his car as an adult.


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