Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Lunchable: Portable Pizza

This was my first Halloween find this year, so it's fitting that it would be the last holiday related post. It's been a long time since I've eaten a Lunchable. I can say with certainty, that this is the first one I've eaten in 13 years. There really wasn't anything special about them. You get several slices of lunchmeat and cheese that you slap on top of some generic crackers, and then gobble them down. I used to do the same thing with slices of lunchmeat and Ritz crackers, years before Lunchables were even invented. For some reason, having all those things contained in one little package just made them seem more special. If you were lucky enough to get the double sized ones, you would have enough food to feed yourself and a couple of your friends. Of course, I can't remember a single time that someone shared their Lunchable, and to ask someone to do so was grounds for a smack upside of your head.

As with all things, the Lunchables brand has grown over the years, and now you can get hot dogs, burgers,  and even nachos, all contained within compartmentalized plastic containers. Today I try out Lunchables' Extra Cheesy Pizza. It's like a tiny pizzeria that will fit in your backpack. Is it any good? I guess you'll have to watch and see.

I'm not really happy with how the video turned out, but I'm starting to learn how to do some basic editing at least. If you pay close attention, you'll notice I was able to add some background music. 10 points to whoever can identify the track I used.

I wish I could have kept my promise of a post a day this month, but as it sometimes does, life happened. Maybe I can make it up to you all in December. I'm not making any promises this time though.

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  1. I like the Ghoul-Aid! I bought a pack of them this year to celebrate the Spooky Season and i had those Lunchables Pizza before but wasn't too wild about them.


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