Friday, October 4, 2013

Halloween Countdown: Time to decorate the desk!

I'm trying to fill my desk with Halloween-y items, but the local stores are not making it easy. Rite-Aid is already clearing out their scary season items, while Wal-Mart's selection still manages to be impressively disappointing. That doesn't leave me with much to go by, other than items I had around the house, and my wits.

Off to the left, I have a selection of horror books and movies. I have to say, I'm actually a little ashamed by the movies I have visible here, but unfortunately, I don't own much else. I'm not sure how that happened. At least the books are full of stories of quality horror.

In front of the monitor, we have Bob the Zombie riding Mumm-Ra, while Halloween Batman raises an arm in protest. Next, we have Stunt Zombie riding on top of the Vampyre Hearse, which will be the subject of a future post.

All the way to the right, we have Metal Face and Aracula protecting the router. I chose Metal Face, because he works great as a Jason substitute in the GIJoe scale. Aracula is big, and detailed, and looks great just standing there.

This is by no means the final product, and I have a bit more I need to add before I'll be happy with my "mood" desk. This is just all I had on hand at the moment. Stay tuned for more additions. If you're all good, I might even do a Fun Food Friday post later on today.


  1. Looking great there Chris. : )

    1. Thank you John. I'm hoping it gets better as the season goes on.

  2. What's that amazing Halloween article all the way to the right of the last picture? It looks fantastic, like a goblet of blood (only, I'm assuming, tastier), best Halloween piece on the whole desk, hands down!


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