Friday, August 30, 2013

Fun Food Friday: Froot Loops Treasures!

You don't need to adjust your monitor, or reset your computer. I know it's been a long time, but I felt like I needed another Fun Food Friday. Admittedly, this taste test was done a couple of weeks...err..months ago, but it somehow managed to keep getting pushed to the back of the line. But, for this week at least, it's back. Let's have a taste, shall we?

Froot Loops has managed to remain one of my favorite cereals over the years. Most cereals have not fared well in the days where everything that passes through our mouth has to have some sort of health benefits. I don't know if they've actually changed the Froot Loops formula at all, but if they have, I can't tell. It's one of the few cereals where the last spoonful is just as good as the first, and if you were to ask me to pick just one cereal from now until the end of my days, I wouldn't hesitate to pick Froot Loops.

All the years I've been eating Froot Loops, and I almost forgot that it's fruit with an "OO". I have to admire the genius of their intentional misspelling. With just two "O's", the name would just look bare, and unappealing. Those less intellectual souls may think there were only two flavors, and would likely pass up Froot Loops for Trix or Fruity Pebbles. But, misspelling "fruit" gives Kellogg's two more chances to show off their cereal, and now we see that there are at least four different flavors in each box. I guess they could have called them "Frewt Loops", but I think that would have given people the impression they were amphibian flavored cereal rings, and I don't see that selling very well at all.

After further review, I see now that there are five rings of flavor. They've left off the orange rings. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like "FROOT" could have used a little orange. The sharper eyed readers may have noticed that there are no red loops floating around in the bit beautiful bowl on the front. Well, that's because they've been transformed into the "treasures" part of  Froot Loops Treasures. It works out great, because red is my favorite flavor.

I was curious about the "treasure" to loops ratio, so I poured out my typical bowl of cereal, and counted how many "treasures" were in there. As you can see by the photo, there were ten "treasures" hiding in this bowl, which is a pretty respectable number. That means I'm likely to get at least one treasure per spoonful. Not too shabby. It also means I get to type "treasures" five times in one paragraph, which is annoying.

Honestly, I can't tell much different between the red treasures and the red loops. They obviously have some sort of juice in the middle, but it looks like it's soaked in to the pieces by the time they reach the consumer. It's nothing like the gaping cavity filled to the brim with artificial strawberry blood we see on the front of the box. If I were going to take points off for something, it would be that. Only half a point though, since everybody knows the front of the box lies just a little bit. Altogether, the treasures don't really add anything to the cereal, but they don't take away from it either. For me, they're just another way to get some red in my diet.

But wait, there's more! Cereal companies have all buy stopped hiding toys in their sugary bags of goodness, which means they have to find some other ways of keeping kids attention. It seems most of them have some sort of mail-in offer, while others have gone the online route, and provide games or contests on their websites. Froot Loops went the old school route, and put their fun right on the box. Sure, it's not a cheap plastic toy, or an offer to send away for a tiny cereal bowl and spoon, but I can have fun right in the kitchen. First up is a Treasure Trail Maze. You have to go by the color pattern below, and follow the trail of cereal pieces to the next game. As you see, I made it with no trouble at all.

Next up is the Box the Berries game. I didn't have anyone to play against me, so I decided to create some artwork for you instead. It's beautiful, isn't it?

Here we have to search for various breakfast type items. According to the rules, there are three different kinds of dishes hiding in the pool of water.

I still say there were four bowls in there. Why would you have four spoons, and only three bowls? Did they expect someone to share their cereal? that would ever happen. The real question is, why do they keep all of their bowls and silverware in a river? And are those tires, or just huge Froot Loops floating around in there?

The last game required you to locate all the strawberries hidden on the back of the box, and decode the color code next to each one. Pretty easy stuff, though I expected something a bit more poignant from Toucan Sam. We know there are treasures, but how about a hint as to where they're hidden? I know what they were thinking, a child's attention span only lasts for so long, and it's a miracle if it lasted this long.

So, what's the verdict on Froot Loops Treasures? Even though the "treasures" don't really add anything to the cereal, it's Froot Loops, so they're automatically good. I give them a hearty, happy Chris thumbs up.


  1. I just had some regular Froot Loops not too long ago along with some Apple Jack and they taste pretty much the same as i remember them but i eat mine dry like a snack while at work because 1) I don't like milk 2) Cereal i find can be very filling on long days. : )

    1. I wish cereal filled me up. If all I have is a bowl of cereal for breakfast, I'll be hungry in about an hour. Maybe less.

      I do enjoy some Froot Loops without milk though. They're one of the few cereals I can eat like that.

  2. Screw Fruit Loops....I am awaiting the new monster cereals baby! But yes thank you for the dissection of the latest fad of dried cereals.


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