Sunday, May 12, 2013

The mysterious pendant, and a giveaway.

In the summer of 1987, my mom and I were invited to go to Texas to visit a friend for a week. I was 5 years old at the time, and it would be the first time I had ever flown in a plane. Up until a few years ago, it was the only time I had flown anywhere. I think it was  a combination of a fear of flying, along with a hatred for standing in lines. I also don't like getting felt up by strangers, so there was that too.

The first thing I remember about Texas, is that it was very hot and very bright. It seemed like the entire state was covered in bright, heat reflecting sand. I imagine that it's pretty close to what a microwave dinner feels like. I never saw much grass, and what little there was seemed to be small green oasis' among seas of concrete. It was quite a shock coming from the lush, green Eastern Shore, to what was essentially, the middle of a desert. I was always a shy kid, but I somehow managed to make friends among the kids living in the apartment complex. Even the teenagers were pretty nice to us. Sure they'd pick on us a bit, but none of it was particularly harsh. None of us ran away crying for our mommies at least.

One of my favorite things to do while we were in Texas was swimming in the complex's pool. It was the first time I can remember swimming in an inground pool, and it was amazing. I spent so much time in there that my blonde hair nearly turned green. It was on one of these afternoons at the pool that I stumbled across the pendant. I had gotten out of the pool to grab some lunch, and on my way back I came across a small lizard. Immediately, it took off, with me following close behind.. Of course, the lizard was way too fast, and it ran into one of the bushes next to the pool. I searched through the bush, but there was no sign of the lizard anywhere. Instead, I came across an odd metallic object. Intrigued, I reached in, and pulled out a necklace with a strange emblem on the front.

I showed it to the kids hanging out around the pool, but none of them recognized it. I went inside and asked my mom if I could keep it, and she just shrugged her shoulders. Since noone else had claimed it, the necklace was mine. I wore the necklace the rest of the time we were on vacation, and pretty much everywhere else when I wasn't in school. Eventually, I stopped wearing it around, and it ended up in one of my many junk boxes. Every now and then, I would pull it out of the box and look it over. I would think about its origins, and who it originally belonged to. Obviously, it was someone that was pretty damn proud to be born a Capricorn. It always managed to have a certain mystique about it, and I would come up with different scenarios for the previous owner. I used to imagine that it belonged to an evil warlock that was vanquished in mortal combat next to the pool. After he was defeated by his the good wizard, his body disappeared in a puff of acrid smoke, and this pendant fell in the nearby bushes. It's the last bit of evidence that the warlock even existed, and it fell into the possession of a 5 year old boy. Or it just belonged to some dude that loved wearing shirts with half the buttons undone. It probably not ripped off when he was getting beat up for hitting on some other guy's girlfriend.

 The most amazing thing is that I've managed to maintain possession of this thing for so long. Every time the pendant seems lost, it shows up again. I don't have any real attachment to this thing,  yet it has managed to stay with me while some of my favorite toys have been lost to time. Perhaps this thing is cursed after all.

Just a postscript, but you think I would have learned by now. If I want to preserve any magic in my life, I really should avoid using Google. One quick search brought me to this link on Etsy. For those of you that don't feel like clicking the link, the pendant was made by a company called Sarah Coventry. They were a direct sales business, and it appears they marketed a whole line of astrological sign pendants. This pendant was from the 1960's, so at least it could have an interesting history, if no other real value.

I've decided, since this one isn't even my sign, I'm offering it up for free to the first capricorn that wants it. That's anyone born between December 21st and january 19th. Just leave me a comment, or shoot me an email, and its yours.


  1. Great story!

    I don't want it, because I am a Scorpio which is the coolest sign. But good luck to any Capricorns out there!

    1. Thanks Eric! Hey, I'm a Scorpio too! I always knew I was in good company on here.

  2. That was a great story Chris and am a Aries myself. : )


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