Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mystery box what do we have here. A plain brown box with a mysteriously customized sticker.

"Itssh id aye, umm rah!"

Whoa!, did anyone else hear that? There's someone in there! I really hate hiding bodies of any size, so I better get this box open quick.

Whew, what a stench. Looks like I'll need to hide a body after all. It smells like a thousand year old green skinned man, wrapped up in dirty linen.

"It is I, Mumm-Ra!"

Ah..that's because it is a thousand year old green skinned man wrapped in dirty linen.

This is the mail-away version of Mumm-Ra from 1986. As far as I know, this version of the character was never released on a card. This meant if you wanted the original form of Mumm-Ra, you had to clip the points off your figures' cards, add S&H, and send it off to Thundercats headquarters. 6-8 weeks later, and you'd get that plain looking box with your address on it. There really isn't much to the old fella. He's articulated at his neck and shoulders, and comes with his bull head staff. Mumm-Ra's more statue than action figure, but then he never really did much fighting when he was in this form. This is more of his lounging about watching soap operas attire.  I mean, just look at what he's wearing. Anyone wearing a robe like has to be a guy that enjoys his daytime tv and doesn't care who knows. That's probably why Mumm-Ra hates the mutants so much. He sets up his VCR to record his stories while he's off fighting the Thundercats, and he comes back to find someone changed the channel and taped cartoons instead. Mutants, you can't live with them, but you can send them off to a horrible beating via humanoid felines.

If you want to own your very own Mail-away Mumm-Ra, I suggest you go check out Matt's site, Dinosaur Dracula. Originally, he was the owner of X-Entertainment, but a desire to upgrade resulted in his new website. It seems he came into a case of Mumm-Ra's through some shady, back alley dealings, and is currently selling them on his site. They're a bit spendy, but his price is actually cheaper than what they go for on E-bay. Also, if you enjoy his site, you'll be helping fund his ability to keep us entertained.

Until next time, Thundercats HO!


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