Sunday, April 14, 2013

League Assignment- HATE!

This week's assignment from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers:

What piece of pop culture did you hate as a child?

Now, there are several things that I enjoyed at first, but grew to hate as I got older such as pro wrestling or the Smurfs. However, there was a piece of pop culture that I hated from the first time I saw it: Trolls!

No, not that Troll.

Not even those guys. They're technically goblins anyway. The trolls I'm talking about are these ones:

I know why you scream at night.
That, my friends, is the face of terror. I hated these things so much. Everything about them freaked me out. Those beady little eyes that seemed to look right through me. I could almost see my reflection in those eyes, screaming to be freed. Don't let yourself be fooled by that smile either. That's the smile of someone that knows where you sleep, and knows of what you dream. It also hides their many, many rows of needle pointed teeth. Their arms were outstretched waiting to crush the life from anyone foolish enough to get within reach. I would have nightmares about opening my closet door, only to be devoured by a wave of Troll dolls that had been hiding within.

If that wasn't bad enough, in the 90's, some foolish individuals decided to genetically modify the Trolls, giving them super powers. These new, more powerful beings were called Battle Trolls.

I didn't think it was possible, but they seem even more terrifying as robots. Thankfully, we've been able to avoid a Troll-pocalypse. I know they're biding their time, hiding under our beds and in our closets, waiting for the right moment to destroy us all.

I want to devour your sou...I mean, be your friend.
Bubba Shelby over at Toyriffic really hates the G.I. Joe cartoon

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Pop Rewind just wants the Rabbit to get his Trix

Fortune and (Glory) Days thinks Voltron got ripped off

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  1. I would like ONE...Just to have the seventies nostalgia going on.

    1. Agh, you can have them all. I don't even like knowing there's one in the house.

  2. Am not too crazy about them either Chris.

  3. I hate The Smurfs Too!!! Let's hope they don't make a Robot Trolls movie too!!

    1. Smurfs are just blue trolls that hide their hair with little white hats.

  4. How 'bout this one?


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