Monday, April 22, 2013

Just a preview..

Here's a few more items I ended up with this month. Don't mind Mumm-Ra in the back, he just got a little confused. Those three little guys up front are Crayboths from Onell Design. Just about everything else in the photo came from a trade with jboypacman. He sent me a ton of great stuff, though I must admit I'm having a hard time resisting the urge to tear open that pack of Alf cards and immediately start chewing the gum. I mean, I'm definitely going to open the cards, but I feel it would be a disservice to not even try the gum. It is only 26 years old, how bad could it be?

So stay tuned, and you may get to see me eat nearly 30 year old candy.


  1. Glad you liked everything Chris and those Glyos are nice.

    1. They are definitely pretty cool toys, and not a bad price for what seems to be an independent company. I just wish they weren't so darned exclusive. When they go on sale, you better be ready, or you're going to miss out.

    2. I really like them and I have a one actual Glyos figures plus a couple other figs that uses the system as well. I want to get more at some point when I can.

  2. You need to blog about eating the gum. And the ER visit afterwards!

  3. I think we all loved the gum as kids. Hey if Wine can be aged for years why not gum?

  4. Wow! Cool stuff in there!
    Steel Monster!


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