Friday, April 26, 2013

As George Takei would say, "Oh my."

I found this in one of the many antique/junk shops in my area.

The subtitle of the book has made me kind of curious. Just what are some of the problems of the lesbian lifestyle? Is the lesbian lifestyle really so complicated that they need a book to explain what goes where? How many people have to buy a book for it to be a National Bestseller? Were they all lesbians? Is there an uncomplete and abridged version out there? I almost forgot the most important question: Wouldn't most lesbians already know the joy of lesbian sex? I have trouble picturing a couple of women running across this book, their faces lighting up as they realize, "So that explains it! We were doing it wrong!" Sorry, but I don't see that happening.

So many questions that could have been answered if I hadn't been in a hurry. I kinda wish I had bought it now, though I have a feeling the guy running  the store that day wouldn't have sold it to me. He looked to be the sort of fellow that would have partaken of the illustrations.


  1. You will regret not buying this for the rest of your life. Years ago I saw some Playboy magazines in Braille at an antique store and I still to this day regret not buying them. Playboy. In BRAILLE! WHAT'S THE POINT?!?!?!?!


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