Friday, February 8, 2013

Boba Fett Mk.2

This really seems like it's becoming a Star Wars blog doesn't it? I promise the next entry will have nothing to do with Star Wars in any way, shape or form. Anyhow, this Boba Fett comes from the Power of the Force 2 line produced by Kenner starting in 1995. More specifically, he was part of a two pack with IG-88 released in 1996 as part of the Shadows of the Empire series. I had pretty much moved on from toys by the time this series had hit the stores, but that didn't stop me from adding a Boba Fett to my collection.

Pssh...You can keep your fancy sculpt. I fire rockets.

I think I mentioned before how the original vintage figures are my favorite due to their simplicity, but after handling this version of Boba, I think I've changed my mind. The POTF 2 sculpts were rather simple, yet still retained a good amount of detail. They also feel much more solid compared to the new sculpt era figures. Sure the new ones have tons of articulation, but they just feel fragile to me. I feel like I could toss this one down the stairs with nary a scratch.

Most of the figures I find from this line seem to go for little to no money, so it's really tempting to build up a collection. I should at least get all the bounty hunters. Otherwise, the Fett man won't have anyone else to hang with.

So next time, no Star Wars. I promise!


  1. This was a great Boba Fett. I had him back in the day. I agree that the line is pretty nice (especially the droids/aliens etc) and I even picked up a 4-LOM recently because I wanted a good, sturdy version for cheap and I think the POTF2 version is one of the best.

    1. 4-LOM is actually next on my list. I think I might go ahead and collect the original 21 in the POTF2 style as well. I can probably get all of them on the card for what one of the vintage carded figures would cost me.


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