Monday, February 25, 2013

I've created an awful, awesome thing. The Stunt Zombie has risen!

I was browsing around, checking out all the different Lego minifigures, when I came across this little fella.

Howdy! Ya'll have any ramps that need to be jumped?
Everyone refers to him as The Daredevil, but I know a stunt guy when I see one. Stunt guy. why does that sound familiar..Then it hit me. I searched around on E-bay and Amazon for a certain minifigure. Unfortunately, I'm not about to pay nearly $30 for one Lego figure, rare or not. Finally, I came across a set that had the guy I needed. It was actually quite a bit less than buying the minifig separately. I had some leftover Amazon money, so I placed my order. It's the Monster Fighter's Vampyre Car, in case you were wondering, and I'll focus on that at another time. Right now I want to bring your attention to the one figure I've been trying to obtain.

The zombie chauffeur from the Vampyre's car. See where this is going yet? Okay, let me help you out.

First, a quick disassembly, followed by a quick reattachment..

Holy crackers, I've created a Stunt Zombie! It doesn't look like The Daredevil is too happy about the change up, but I'm afraid it's too late for that now. At least he'll still get to drive a sweet ride.

You're only good for one thing now, and that's getting kicked!

Of course, it appears that SZ isn't the friendliest zombie, at least not compared to Bob. Oh..Bob..I forgot all about him..

Where's this Bob fellow? I want to kick him.
Hopefully he's an understanding zombie, otherwise this could get a bit awkward.

Oh. You're Bob? Pssh, you're not so big.
This probably won't end well.


  1. I collected very little legos as a kid. I do not do it now. But wish they had this stuff when I was a youngin!

    1. I had quite the Lego collection when I was much younger. I'm not quite sure what happened to it truthfully. I kinda miss the older sets, the Space ones especially. Star Wars is cool and all, but nothing beats some of those Magnetron sets.

      These little minifigs could definitely become addictive. Thankfully, there are only 2 or 3 I've seen that I'd like to get my hands on. Actually, make that 4 or 5. Maybe 6.

  2. AhHAHhahah good one!
    Cant wait to show this to Isaac!!!


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