Friday, February 1, 2013

Fun Food Friday- The Dark Side of Candy

"Who dares mock the Dark Lord of the Sith? You shall pay for your insolence!"


"You were certainly no match for a Jedi of my power! The Emperor will be most pleas...wait a second. What is that inside your armor?"

"Intriguing, candy that is tiny, yet sour enough to pucker the lips of even the strongest Jedi. Perhaps it is a trap set by Rebel spies. I shall report to the Emperor immediately!"

"Holy cannoli! Look at the size of that helmet. There's gotta be a ton of brains in there!"

"Man, no wonder the rebels always beat you. This thing is completely empty!"


  1. Does this mean that Dark Helmet's helmet in "Spaceballs" is filled with candy too?

    1. Oh man, I never even thought of that..We need to go find out now!


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