Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Star Wars sticker books and a Tie Fighter

This little set was another one of my Christmas gifts. It includes two sticker books, a Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, and a Tie Fighter kit. 

Sticker books have always puzzled me. Once you put all the stickers where they're supposed to go, what then? At least these have reusable stickers, but it's not like you can use them somewhere else. Still, these will be a good activity for Chelsea and I on one of those rainy day weekends. The Character Encyclopedia is full of fun little facts about the characters, as well as their evolution as Lego minifigures. It's a cool little book for a lover of facts and trivia, like me. It's probably not as comprehensive as some of the larger volumes out there, but there's enough info that I feel like I learn something new each time I look through it. 

The real star of the set is the Tie Fighter kit. 

I was a little disappointed at first, since the model obviously doesn't have the proper Tie Fighter colors. Then I started thinking of it as a top secret model that the Empire was just rolling out. Or maybe this one is part of a Special Forces Tie Fighter group, and the odd coloration is what sets them apart from the normal pilots. Whatever scenario you come up with, I think you'll find it's a rather well built model, that isn't too far off scale. 

It's also rather sturdy, as I've dropped mine a couple times now and nothing has broken off. Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for the elusive Stealth Tie Fighter to shoot down some Rebel scum. May the Force be with you all.

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