Monday, November 12, 2012

What's in my pockets?

On just about every forum I've joined, there is a thread asking what folks carry as their EDC, or everyday carry. Some people carry a ridiculous number of expensive items on them, while other prefer a more simplified setup. I tend to go simple myself, as I don't want to carry or use something I can't afford to replace, or just can't replace period.

Here's what I had in my pockets today:

From left to right we have:

Keys, with car remote and Lego Boba Fett. I had a Victorinox Classic on there, but it was just plain worn out. Time to get another one.

Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm- because it doesn't smell and taste like chemicals.

Victorinox Pioneer-This one was a Christmas gift from Chelsea, and is my most carried pocket knife. I actually tend to use the tools more than the knife, but it doesn't hurt to have an extra edge on me. I have this one on a paracord lanyard that goes around my belt. It makes sure the knife sits vertically in my pocket, rather than sitting horizontally at the bottom. Carrying the knife this way is more comfortable, and it's easier to retrieve as well.

Buck Bucklite- This was a gift from a gentleman on Bladeforums. This particular version is discontinued, though Buck still makes different knives under the Bucklite label. Sturdy, light, and very sharp, it handles most of my day to day cutting tasks.

Coach brown leather wallet- Another gift from the girlfriend, this one carries all the necessary cards, id's, etc. No cash though, unfortunately.

And that's it. I have a bag I keep in the car, and that will usually contain a few other items, along with my cellphone. One of these days I'll post up the contents of my little Bag of Evil as well.

Of course, now I pose the same question to my readers and fellow bloggers alike. What's in your pockets?


  1. I have no pockets!!! Yay!
    But these are the things I carry with me, always:
    Few random toys (action figures, toy cars, polly pockets, plastic animals...).
    Coins for the public transportation.
    House Keys so I don't have to sleep on the street.
    Aspirins, ridiculous amounts of aspirins.
    Incredibly old, second-handed motorola cellphone, the kind of cellphone nobody uses since 2008.
    Also I use a children's watch made of radiactive-green plastic.

    1. No pockets? Man, I'd be lost without my pockets. What kind of bag do you use? Or do you have your hands full throughout the day?;-)

      I never think to carry pain relievers. It definitely seems to be more of a necessity these days. Guess I'm gettin' old.

  2. Hi Chris!
    I use a bag with the Telefonica logo on it (it belonged to mu aunt that worked for that company during many years). This bag is too small to carry A4 sized files, but big enough to carry a good book and some toys (plus an ancient cellphone).


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