Saturday, November 24, 2012

Time to put my Foot down!

The Foot Soldiers came out in the first wave of TMNT figures, and much like Shredder, they look like they are in serious need of some chiropractic help. This one came from the lot I won from a caption contest on Toyriffic last year.

The Foot Soldiers really were odd figures. I hadn't seen the cartoon yet when I started getting these figures, so I didn't know these guys were robots in the show. To me, they always looked like some sort of alien/gorilla hybrid, with their simian stance and bulbous noggin. Thankfully, they were unlike Shredder in the fact they had two usable arms, even if they were stuck in a semi-crouching pose.

Just a bit of trivia, those gauntlets on their arms are made from the shells of their fallen foes. Since none of the actual TMNT's were ever defeated in battle, I'm assuming this means the Foot Soldiers are programmed to destroy all turtles. Man, Shredder really was one evil dude.


  1. I was wondering where that guy ended up! Man, I have zero memory of the toys I sent you lol! Can't wait to see what else I sent ;)

    1. Oh don't worry, you'll get to see all the stuff you sent me last year ;-). Thank goodness you did, otherwise I'd run out of things to talk about even sooner.


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