Thursday, November 29, 2012

The littlest dictator, Doctor Doom

This little Doctor Doom was hanging around the box of goodies I got from Eric at Toyriffic last year. That's right, another one. What can I say, the man puts together a good toybox. Anyhow, Doctor Doom happens to be one of my favorite Marvel villians. While other super-villians are always fighting to take over the world from their secret lairs, Doom actually has an entire country to rule. You could say that Doom's Latveria is the only country that is literally ruled by an iron fist.

Welcome to the wonderful Dictatorship of Latveria! 
The figure is actually rather detailed for its size, with quite a bit of detail on his armor and tunic. The cape and hood are made of a soft rubber, and are removable. Doom does have a bit of trouble standing, due to the way his legs are posed, and he always looks like he is walking angrily away from an argument. Maybe they got his order wrong at Starbucks.

Of course, if you can't get Doom to stand up, you can always get your friendly neighborhood zombie to lend a hand..

"Unhand Doom, you undead cretin!"


  1. Ok not only do I not remember sending this guy, I don't ever remember owning him! Either you are pulling my leg or I got this from Jboy or somesuch right beforehand and sent him right away again.

    Off to do memory exercises!

    1. This one definitely came from you. He was bagged with the happy meal toys if I remember correctly.

      I guess that means I don't get to find out where he comes from after all :-p

    2. I don't recall the happy meal toys either! Loving these mystery reveals lol!

  2. It came from me to Eric then to you am pretty sure and i got it from Jason from the JasonVorhees blog. It was sold in stores like Dollar General and Family Dollar on a simple cardboard backer and bubbler.


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