Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cobra Commander....of Dollar General?

I kept hearing about Dollar General carrying a small selection of G.I. Joe's, but since my area is right next to B.F.E, they hadn't shown up in our local stores yet. Then, a couple days ago, I stopped by the local DG to pick up a couple items, when I walk past the toy aisle and had the G.I. Joe logo catch my eye. These guys have been written about in numerous other blogs, but if you're not familiar with them, basically Hasbro put out a line of 6 figures especially for Dollar General Stores. They have very little in the way of paint apps, and come with fewer accessories than their more expensive brethren. In the end, I couldn't help myself, so I ended up getting Shipwreck and this guy:

That's the good ol' car salesman turned terrorist organization leader himself, Cobra Commander. He's actually not bad for what is essentially a dollar store figure. He has very little in the way of paint applications,but I think all black kinda works for this guy. He also comes with a nifty sword;

a pistol;

and of course a figure stand. When I was examining his pistol, I happened to notice it bore a resemblance to a couple of real life handguns.

Cobra Commander's sidearm

AMT AutoMag

Wildey Magnum

It seems like Cobra Commander's gun is an almagation of the two, blending the Wildey's frame with the AMT's barrel. I just thought it was an interesting choice for a sidearm. I really wouldn't be surprised if CC's was in some fictional caliber, such as .42 Viper or 11mm Rattlesnake. Cause, you know..snakes and everything..

Hmm...did I fire 7 shots, or only 6?

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