Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Arctic Donatello

That's Arctic Don hamming it up for the camera. It seems he took a wrong turn at the ice cream, and ended up next to the ice trays. This is another one that I picked up at the town yard sale in September, and he's in surprisingly good shape. I don't think I had any of the figures in this wave. By that time, the Turtles were starting to get a bit weird, and I was moving on. In fact, I don't remember having more than a couple variations on the original four. This one didn't come with any accessories, but his paint was in great shape. I just couldn't resist him for just half a dollar. Hopefully Don will get to see some play time soon when he ends up at his new home.


  1. Wow! Never seen this one before.
    We could re-create John Carpenter's THE THING!!!!

    1. Yes, but who would we use as The Thing? I'm thinking either Mutagen Man or Muckman. They're probably two of the most terrifying TMNT figures.


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