Thursday, October 18, 2012

Plush candy corn and Monster Eyeball update

On a recent adventure to the nearby thrift store, I happened to come across this happy little fellow right here:

My girlfriend loves candy corn, and this thing just looked too cute to let some dirty toddler get their hands on him. I just know some parent would buy this for their three year old, who would promptly begin sucking on his arms and legs. Disgusting..The woman actually forgot to ring him up when I was checking out, so she said "Eh, don't worry about it. It's yours. Happy Halloween!". It caught me off guard actually. I never really considered Halloween to be a time of giving, that's always been Christmas' thing.

I kind of consider him to the be the king of candy corn. He pretty much wins that by default, since he's big enough to eat all the other candy corn pieces. I'm not sure what kinds of duties he would performs, since it seems his race's primary reason for existing is to be eaten by us. Maybe he gets to dictate which candy corn flavors get made each Halloween. Does that mean he's also ruler of the Mellowcreme Pumpkins too, since they're often mixed up with candy corn? Also, if he's king of the candy corn people, shouldn't he be edible too? Or is the fact he's not edible the reason he's their ruler? So many questions, and I doubt we'll ever find out the answers to them..

It's been another 48 hours, so that means it's time to check in on our Monster Eyeball.

It's up to 6" inches of circumference now, and weighs a massive 2 oz. Its growth is a bit disappointing. I was hoping to have a giant squid sized eyeball by now, but it looks like it's still around...cow size. Surprisingly, it's not squishy at all, and is still rather firm. It also bounces rather well, judging by how high it went after it attacked my foot and tried to escape.

 It also attacked my girlfriend at one point, though it underestimated just how big her mouth could get. The joke's on you Monster Eyeball..We were able to wrangle it back into its holding tank, though I know it's just waiting for the next time I have to take its measurements. Just sitting there...watching and waiting..

Something I just realized..after looking over Plush Candy Corn Man, I think he's just a baby. The evidence is all there; that cute and innocent smile, the oddly proportioned body and limbs, the inability to walk and talk..This thing is just an infant.Then that must mean...there are adult Candy Corn People out there somewhere, and two of them are missing a child. Oh, crap..


  1. Candy Corn plushie is adorable!
    After looking at the Monster Eye Ball, I conclude that monsters have orange blood

  2. Isn't he now? I think he may end up being part of my Halloween mood table next year, though I'm sure my girlfriend may have something to say about that.

    I think you may be on to something there with the orange blood thing. It's either that, or my photography skills are non-existent, and I know that just can't be the case..


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