Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My favorite monsters...Freddy Krueger!

Nightmare on Elm Street was the first movie to actually scare me.  I'm sure there were other movies that frightened me, but that was the first one that made me check under the bed months after I had seen it. It's all thanks to one man:

Don't worry Chris, I'm just in your closet..
If you don't think that looks scary, imagine seeing it for the first time at 4 or 5 years old. Everything about Freddy scared the hell out of me, his face, his voice, and especially those damn claws. Some nights I would see shadows of tree branches on the walls of my room, and they looked just like the shadows cast by Freddy's claws. I would pull the blanket up over my head, and hope it was enough to keep him from finding me. Of course, the most frightening thing about Freddy was that he got you while you were sleeping. When it came to guys like Jason Voorhees, you could just run away, catch a plane, and go on a trip to Europe. Since Jason wasn't crossing the Atlantic to come after you, problem solved. Freddy though, he'd get you as soon as you fell asleep during the in-flight movie. There was no escape; we all have to sleep eventually. Thankfully that didn't cross my mind all those nights I had the blanket pulled over my head.

Freddy's movies were toned down a bit as the series wore on, and by the third I think it became more about the outrageous kills. The rest of the films just didn't have the same atmosphere of the first two. Still, I'll always remember Freddy as the first movie character that brought irrational fear into my life. On that note, I'll end it with the scene that made me afraid to use the bathtub for close to a year. Sweet dreams..

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