Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween pics? Sure, why not.

I'm not feeling so hot today, but I didn't feel right about not posting something. So here are a few pics from the past couple Halloweens.

Here's my beautiful girlfriend and I from our 2010 party. She went as Alice in Wonderland (Oh my!), and I was supposed to be The Mad Hatter. I think I look more like Hipster Joker.

This is Grey, and she was not happy about wearing that tie. As strange as it sounds, I could kind of picture her standing at the fax machine, having a sip of coffee, talking to her coworkers whilst wearing that tie. She's all business. As a cat. On her hind legs. I told you it sounded strange..

Man, it never fails. There's always someone that drinks too much, acts like a fool, and then vomits all over the food. It was pretty tasty though.

Here's my costume from last year, Occupy Zombie. You can't tell from this angle, but the front of my shirt says "Spread the wealth BRAINS" I also carried a sign around all night, but that ended up getting lost at some point. Don't blame me, the punch was some potent stuff.

Ah! So there was more photographic evidence of Occupy Zombie after all. Unfortunately red lighting and red blood don't work so well, but that sign says "Will trade stocks for BRAINS!". I know, not very original, but it got a few laughs that night, so..mission accomplished.

Well there you go, just a short post tonight, but hopefully I'll be able to scrape up some good stuff for all 7 of my readers this weekend.  Speaking of, I encourage anyone who reads this blog to leave me comments, feedback, insults, etc. If I suck, let me know, though I doubt I could suck any less. If you don't say anything, then you will only have yourselves to blame.

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