Monday, October 22, 2012

Crazy Cats Halloween house, and Monster Eyeball update #2

My apologies for not making any posts over the past few days, but the girlfriend and I had to make the long ass drive to Buffalo, NY for her cousin's wedding. It was actually a rather nice drive, with lots of beautiful scenery, and very little traffic. The wedding went well, though I think I could definitely go for a non denominational ceremony. The reception was held at a place called Salvatore's. It was a beautiful restaurant, though I must admit, some areas looked like they had been decorated by my mother. All in all, it was a good time had by all, and I wish the lovely couple all the best.

I can almost see myself living in Buffalo, except for the ridiculous cold and snow they have to deal with most winters. I'm usually starting to feel cold when the temperature dips below the sixties, and I hate snow, something that is rather plentiful in Buffalo. Still, it's hard to deny just how gorgeous the area is, especially this time of the year.

As we were making our way north, we drove through a town called Mt. Morris, where we passed by this house:

I apologize for the bad reflection, but it was chilly, and we didn't have time to park and walk about. As you can see, the homeowner is definitely a fan of Halloween, and they have a love for huge inflatable cats. In this picture, you can see the large cat head and claws poking their way through the house. Over to the right, the cat's tail sticks out the side, wagging as if it's about to pounce on the oncoming cars. There's a bit more to the left of the house as well;

Like I said, definitely a cat fancier. The one to the left almost looks like it is trying to hide behind the tree, while the cat to the right almost resembles some sort of spider-feline hybrid. Under those, you have a couple monster cats that look like they're ready to attack the next pedestrian that walks by, while a witch stirs her brew in the middle of everything. Behind all of those, there appears to be an inflatable hearse or carriage, it's hard to tell without zooming in. Tombstones, skulls, and pumpkins are interspersed through the scene, and really give the whole thing a spooky atmosphere. I wish we had the chance to stop by there when it was dark, though I spook easy, so maybe it's for the best that I didn't.

I almost forgot, it's time for an update on my Monster Eyeball's growth. It's been a full 5 days since I last checked it out, and it was noticeably larger when I removed it from the water.

It has reached a circumference of 7 inches, and now weighs 3.6oz. It still hasn't hit Godzilla sized proportions, but it's certainly man-eating goat size. I'm not sure how much larger it's going to get, but I think it could hit 10 inches around by Halloween. As always, we shall wait and see..

My girlfriend was able to get another shot of the spidercat, so I'm stealing it and posting it for all to see.

Hmm..that almost looks naughty.

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