Saturday, September 29, 2012

Go ninja, go ninja go!

March of 1991 was a good time to be 10 years old and a fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I could watch the TMNT cartoon while eating my TMNT cereal, wearing my TMNT pajamas, then play with my TMNT action figures. The Turtles had managed to infiltrate just about every aspect of the marketplace, and most of the kids I knew were sick with Turtle fever. Less than a year before, the first live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film premiered in theaters, and was an instant hit. I actually managed to see it on the big screen, with a good friend of mine, Mike L. Now, I liked the Turtles, but Mike absolutely loved them. He had the figures, the comics, the bed sheets..pretty much everything in his room had a TMNT on it. Mike's also the only person I know that owned the toy Technodrome. Our folks had taken us to see the first TMNT movie when it came to the Idle Hour Theater, and it was a blast. I still remember walking down the school hallway singing "T.U.R.T.L.E. Power".

When we learned that there was going to be another Turtle's movie, we were understandably excited. Anticipation would build with every viewing of the tv spots. I would always browse the latest issue of Starlog to try and glean as much info as I could. It was on one of these excursions to the newsstand that I came across this:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret of the Ooze in comic book form! My mind was blown. I coughed up the $5.95 cover price, or enough for two G.I. Joe figures, and proceeded to read it cover to cover while my mom shopped for groceries. Then I read it again. Then I read it again..I memorized the whole damn thing by the time she was done.

There was action,

As well as humor,

And Vanilla Ice,
Now those are some kickin' lyrics.
I just couldn't wait to see how it all played out on the big screen. I mean, there was another giant turtle, as well as a giant wolf. How were they going to pull that off? What about the giant Shredder we kept seeing in the movie previews? In the comic, he just looked like regular, every day Shredder, just drawn a little bigger.  The movie made him look much, much more menacing. Finally, the sequel made its way to our secluded little peninsula, and Mike and I were able to bask in the glory of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret of the Ooze. It was definitely more lighthearted than the first movie, and now the violence was more slapstick in nature. Of course, that didn't matter to us, and we enjoyed the sequel just as much as the first. I may enjoy the first movie more these days, but Secret of the Ooze will always have a fond place in my memory.


  1. Oh man I just rewatched this the other night, not having seen it since it was in theatres. It was so crappy! I love the first movie and watch it often, but the second one...well let's just say I was clearly never the audience for it (having been 16 when I first saw it, a bit older than you younguns.)

    That said, the comic adaptation actually looks pretty awesome! And that poorly drawn rapper clearly has better acting chops than Vanilla Ice!

  2. Eric,

    I think the biggest problem I have with movies I used to love, is that they seem to just rush through everything now. Maybe it's because their target demographic tended to have shorter attention spans.

    Comic Vanilla Ice had the good sense to know his place, and thankfully there was never a graphic novelization of "Cool As Ice".

    I actually had a graphic novel adaptation of Blade Runner at one time, but I think that ended up going with the rest of my comics in the Great Cull of 2009. I actually understood the movie by the time I finished reading through that one.


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